Low AMH?

Hi there, Looking for some advice (reassurance!) please. I had my day 8 scan today, I'm on short protocol. Basically my follicles haven't grown much, apart from 1 rogue follicle which was at the top of the chart (made me chuckle in this otherwise horrible situation). I was also told that I have low AMH which wasn't mentioned to me before. After asking the nurse and googling what this means I have been in bits thinking I don't have many eggs?! Is this what it means? Also could it be too early to see much growth? I'm back in on Thursday for more bloods and another scan - is there likely to be much growth between now and then? Thank u x

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  • Hi Hun. Gosh I'm sorry. It's so hard after you've had a consultation when you're told news and you only think of what you want to ask when you're home. Firstly, did they increase your medication? I had slow responders on my first cycle and they kept me stimming for longer. Secondly, try not to worry. There are things they can do to encourage growth.

    In terms of AMH, I think it means how many eggs you have in your egg reserve but what it doesn't tell you is the quality. Even if you have slightly fewer eggs, they could be absolutely top notch! My suggestion would be not to dwell on this at the mo as it will drive you insane. Focus on this cycle and then when you're done, regardless of the outcome, seek some proper advice about your AMH levels.

    Sending you a big hug! xxx

  • Hi I've had a very similar experience to you I was diagonsed with low amh started short protocol and only had one follicle after 8 days meds. I was with nhs so they were nt prepared to go through with egg collection. I've since had a private consultation and was advised to try a long protocol with the aim of getting more follicles since I've had more on previous scans. Do you know what your amh is and have you had previous scans with more follicles. I suppose it's probably possible for follicles to still grow if your still taking meds is this what the nurse told you? Hope you're doing okay it is a hugely stressful time xxx

  • How many follicles did you have and do you roughly remember the sizes? I had one larger than the rest. I think I remember a couple turning up to the party in the last scan but overall no more than 8 turned up. Only 6 on the initial scans

    I think three main thing is they want them to grow at the same rate so that they all are mature at the same time and don't overmature.

    Amh is a blood test some clinics do before treatment to help determine the medication doses as it is a measure of egg reserve (quantity not quality). I had an amh of 7 and so was straightaway on the max stims dosage.

    They can up your stims dosage and also you get a boost from the trigger shot aswell. Mine didn't seem to be treating much so i got an extra stims injection after the last scan and they managed to collect 5 with 3 being mature enough for icsi.

  • Thank u all for ur responses, I have a headache from crying this morning just trying to 'relax' on the sofa with some ice cream. My AMH was 7. something, from memory there were about 6 circles in total on the chart all at the bottom except the rogue one (still find that funny) I'm on 375 menopur I did ask the nurse if my dose should be increased she said we will wait till next scan on Thursday (day 10). This is my first round of IVF and first scan today, we were diagnosed as 'unexplained fertility'. It's so hard not to stress as u all know, thanks for ur advice and kind words xxxx

  • Bless you it's such a tough journey and I don't think anyone goes through this without shedding a lot of tears. No one can really prepare you for what happens but there are lots of supportive people on here so your in the right place to ask your questions and receive support. Wishing you all the best for your next scan xxx

  • Thanks nmill, it took forever getting to this point then more disappointments 😫

  • Hi just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking off you tomorrow when you have your scan and hoping for the best xxx

  • Aww nmill that is so kind of you, I'm just lying here with a water bottle hoping and praying they have grown since Tuesday xx

  • Hello! I completely understand your feelings of disappointment. I went for my IVF Protocol appointment yesterday and found out I have a very low AMH which was totally unexpected so I am on the highest dose long Protocol. My mum, who is just the loveliest, has been sending me links about egg quality being more important than quantity - I'm hopeful that this is the case for us both! Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom but just wanted to say you are not alone and I understand how you feel. Sending you lots of luck and positivity. X

  • Thanks Lou9, a lot of people have said quality over quantity but is there anything we can do to improve quality?! Wishing u all the best xx

  • Hello lovely, I have much lower amh than you and am currently in bed next to my beautiful little one born 9 weeks ago in her basket! It is quality not quantity that is important IMHO, so this is the bit you really can focus on and make a difference to. Your body selects one good egg each cycle in the normal way of things ... choosing which is the best to develop and has the biggest chance - I had modified natural (mild) ivf privately in the end which works with this principle. There are options and success stories out there ... be brave it's tough but worth it 💕💖

  • Awww Datak that really warmed my heart, miracles do happen! Are there any tips u can give me? I'm trying to drink lots of water and add avocado and pineapple in my smoothies every day and take pregnacare xxx

  • I'm not sure if it works but I also heard to drink full fat milk and hot water bottle on the abdomen. Maybe the hot water bottle is for when it gets uncomfortable

  • Hi, I'm have low amh of 2.5 ish and have had 2 failed max dose rounds on the NHS. I'm going to a package of 3 modified natural ivfs privately next and I'd love to hear how you found natural modified if you don't mind?xx

  • Oh how exciting for you. I found it much easier physically, (though more effort organisationally!!) And therefore more manageable emotionally.( without the hormonal assault of the usual protocols) ... if you look at my profile you'll see it still wasn't straightforward but I am over 40 as was pretty much told I had no chance. I used proxeed, and lots of good balanced foods like avocado, eggs, nuts, lentils, etc, but I am vegetarian so had to more conscious in many ways. Other than that I just tried to be nice to myself, had acupuncture and tried to trust my hitherto untrustworthy body. I am never sure how much influence we have and know there is no 'right' way. Good luck and lots of love💕💛 Istill lurk about this forum periodically checking in on those I came to care about so please feel free to get in touch if I can help at any time x

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