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Does anyone else feel really, really tired?

Hi all, just wanting to make sure I am not going completely mad! We are currently waiting to see if we get NHS funding for IVF after just under a two year process of treatment which has included rounds of clomid and Gonal F injections. Since starting discussions and treatment 2 years ago in April this waiting period has been the longest I have been without any treatment since my miscarriage which started the whole thing off and I am exhausted. In fact today I can barely keep my eyes open or get up and do anything. Does anyone else find the whole process absolutely shattering, even when you aren't on any treatment? I have had to reduce my hours to part time at work to cope as I am just so tired. Is this the same for anyone else? Does it take you all as long to recover and is being absolutely exhausted a common affect for all of us or am I just not handling it very well? Just wondering in a bid to restore some of my sanity today!

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Hey Hun Im currently in the process of IVF (at the final stages) after a miscarriage also and I find im tired quite alot. I could easily nodd off in the afternoon sometimes lol. I guess it's our body and hormones as everything is so disrupted.

I do 10 hour shifts which feel like 20 hour shifts sometimes lol.

Don't be too hard on yourself hun as I guess the whole fertility process is both emotionally and physically draining. When I am relaxing I'm over thinking things - it never stops! look after yourself hun, laugh lots & spend time with people who matter is my advice. (If you don't nodd off tee hee). Xxxx


Hey hun. No your not going to mad or are mad. I have been tired since we started this journey two years ago now. It's got worse recently after my miscarriage to. Just so drained. I always have a nap or at least doing not much days espec after work. Just sleep when you need to. It is a very tiring precess.

Take care sweetie. ️Xx


Hi Mandy1978,

Like you and Mooster1 and Piglet12 I feel drained emotionally and physically during and waiting for treatment. Despite being really tired I'm having problems sleeping so that doesn't help.

Although the clinic warned us it would be an emotional roller coaster it has been far harder emotionally than I ever expected, I think this is a major contribution to my tiredness/exhaustion.

You're not going mad. The infertility experience and treatment is really hard. I decided this week that I need to cut myself some slack and be kinder to myself.

I hope you have a restful weekend and do something enjoyable.


Thanks for replying your wonderful people, it's so lovely to know it's not just me and perhaps it's just the way it is! I have decided to right less "to do" lists (I am a nightmare for these!!) and be kinder to myself. Alternatively I might write a to do list that consists of have a bath in the day time, read my book and cuddle the ginger cat on my next day off and see how that goes! Thanks once again for your kindness in replying and wishing you too a blessing filled, restful weekend. Mandy xx


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