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Womb scrape

I had my womb scrape yesturday morning, for me it did hurt more than I expected. But it was only for a very short time. I did feel faint afterwards but I think it's because I had worked myself up about it.

My lovely mother in law had treated me to a facial in the afternoon so we had a nice lunch and the facial was lovely. I was nice to have something to look forward to afterwards so I would recommend that.

I was very saw in the evening but this morning I feel fine , just a bit bloated and I haven't had and blood or major cramps , just saw when I go up stairs or move about.

Now I'm getting ready for Monday when my injections start. Feeling more positive about everything now and learning to take things stage by stage.

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Hi Victoria

I'm glad your scrape went well and you're not having too many bad side effects from it. Wishing you all the best for starting your injections on Monday and have a great valentines weekend :-)



Thank you , you too x


Hi Victoria09. Well done you! It is never an easy thing to have to go through, especially when you don’t really know what’s going to happen. However, you obviously coped very well with it all, and what a fab mother-in-law to look after you so well afterwards with lovely treats! All the best for Monday when you start your injections. Things are very much on the way now – good luck! Diane


Thank you... I do have a really good support network so hopefully that will help over next month or so. X


I had a scrape last week too, it's not v pleasant is it! We went to a comedy show in the evening so that was definitely a nice treat after it :-)

I've been sore for a couple of days to, started buserelin injections on the same day. Good luck with your cycle x


Well done, at least it's over now.It does help to have something to look forward to.

Is this your first go at ivf? It is for me so everything is new.

I'm starting injections tomo and just starting to get slightly nervos.what is it like to inject yourself?

Also have you had any side effects so far.

Hope it's going well for you too x


It's my 2nd go.. The first couple of times injecting were a bit daunting and I had to build myself up to put the needle in but you soon get used to it. I've only had the odd bruise and bit of blood, it doesn't hurt. You'll b fine :-)

I'm feeling v tired and have sore boobs so far, I had no side effects really last time so fingers crossed u won't have any x


I've posted this question elsewhere but think it would be better answered here. Would you mind telling me at what point in your IVF cycle you had the scratch? My clinic doesn't offer it, but I think I might go elsewhere privately but there seems to be conflicting advice re timings. I'm due to start down regulating next Sunday. Thanks for an help.



Of course I don't mind you asking, it's normally around 17 days from the first day of your period. I think the idea is that it gives you about a month before implantation to produce fresh cells.

So I had it thurs just gone and I'm starting buserelin injections tomo.

I have heard that it can double your chances, so even though it is unpleasant it's over quickly. But I would recommend booking in something you look forward to that afternoon or evening to help take your mind off it.

Privately it's around £100-200 pounds depending on the clinic so relatively cheap compared to rest of procedures for the amount it increase your chances.


That's great, thank you.


I had mine on day 22, we're lucky the clinic were at do it for no extra cost x


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