1 or 2 embryos at ET time?

Hi we had our first consultation & were told that only a single embryo will be transferred unless they are poor quality. Me & DH want the best chance of a pregnancy, so they have agreed we can sign a disclaimer that we have gone against medical advise if we go ahead with 2 embryo transfer & end up with twins. Are we being silly insisting on 2, ultimately our goal is for a happy & healthy baby. What are your thoughts, has anyone else had an issue making the same decision? Thanks Andrea

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  • Hi! I had two eggs transferred on my frozen cycle after my first transfer resulted in an ectopic. I had to sign a disclaimer too and they did not want us to have two transferred, I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin boys now and I have never been happier xxx

  • Wow that's amazing, twins would be our choice but they were very good with the fear factor which is why we've been doubting our choice! So very happy for you xxx

  • Hello. I have had one and two put back on different cycles. I would personally go with one to begin with as sometimes it only Takes one. But that is just my advice. Good luck with what you choose to do. X

  • Thanks piglet, it's advise I'm after so appreciate the input :-) x

  • We had the same conversation earlier this week. Apparently research shows that success rates of conception are the same in SET and 2ET but unfortunately 2ET have a higher rate of miscarriage. Before our consultation we were adamant that we wanted 2ET but have now changed our minds as we don't want to increase the risk of miscarriage. Ultimately it's your choice but please do some research of your own and decide from there. Best of luck xx

  • Hi Hornsby, yes that one of my biggest concerns as well. My DH isn't as concerned & thinks that this could be our only chance so take a risk... I need to do a lot more thinking :-) x

  • Sorry kjornsby , silly predictive text! X

  • That's ok, Im used to being Mrs Hornsby lol.

    I wish you all the luck in the world with whatever decision you make xx

  • Hi Poochi

    my hospital advised one as they were great quality but we went with our gut feeling and got 2 put back , they say it doesnt make your chance anymore successful which i dont agree with as one of mines sadly fizzled out but i am now 22 weeks preg with a beautiful boy , yes there are risks if you have twins but if you think you could cope then i would go for it ,i always think if i had agreed to the one i might not be preg now xx

  • Hi weemex that is currently out thought path although it's the possible complications if both take that I'm worried about as I don't want to deliberately cause damage. So please for your success, hope u are having an enjoyable pregnancy :-) x

  • Please do have a look at the One at a Time - oneatatime.org.uk/ - website before making your decision as it has a lot of useful information from people who are experts in this field - and also the I N UK facsheet on this which answers some common questions - infertilitynetworkuk.com/up...

  • Hi Poochi, we have been told by an NHS clinic that they would only put 1 in as I'm only 26 and there are no fertility issues on my side and they said the main focus was to have 1 healthy baby and told us about the risks that come with having twins. We are now going private and have our consultation at the end of Feb so I'm not sure if they will say the same? We still have not made our minds up but are steering towards only having 1 put back in because if we did have twins and heaven forbid there were complications or one of them had difficulties, I'm not sure I wouldn't feel a little guilty about it? But ultimately it is your choice and as long as your 100% happy then that's what you should do.

    All the best and wishing you all the luck in the world xx

  • Hi, it is such a difficult decision to make and depends on a lot of things. If your embryos are v good quality then putting 2 back does not increase chances of a pregnancy. Also, look at the research that has been done in terms of age of Mum. When I went for my 1st frozen transfer I had just turned 36 so they did not try to persuade me against putting 2 back, but if I had been younger they probably would have done. We only ever planned on putting one back, as we are aware of the complications of multiple births and also wanted to save embryos for another chance, if that makes sense. However, the embryo that was thawed did not thaw well, so we ended up putting it back along with another which had thawed well, which was a decision we made on the day. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant with our little girl - so only one embryo survived, which we were not surprised about. If you have some frozen and you are younger than 40 and your embryos are good quality I would only put one back personally. BUT, it is yours and your partner's decision :-) xxx

  • Hi. I had the one embryo put back and 10 wks pregnant expecting twins so it happen from just the one for us. Wish you all the best with it xx

  • Thanks everyone, we've decided we'll wait & speak to the embryologist before making a final decision. I'm 35 so just hoping a make a few good eggs at this point. Good luck to all those on the journey & happy healthy pregnancy to those living the dream xx

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