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Possible anaemia, will it effect our chances?

Got Dr Dougie Houser this morning at the GP! He looked about 12 and had a card on his desk congratulating him on passing his exams!! Despite first impressions I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but he seemed a bit clueless. I asked him if there was any reason why I might be so tired all the time. I’ve taken to napping in my car on my lunch hour as well as going to bed earlier but I’m still always tired. I’ve also recently been getting every cold going around when I usually manage to dodge them and it’s just not like me to be so tired. He said there was a set of blood tests called ‘tired all the time’ that they can do but he’d never seen any come back with a positive result (in all his many years of GPing!!).

As I’ve had a lot of bloods done as part of my pre fertility referral, which ruled out low thyroid and diabetes, he didn’t see the point of doing them again. I was about to leave when he asked if my periods were heavy, I said yes (I have endometrosis). He then suggested I might be anaemic and suddenly changed his mind about the blood tests. So I’m going back for a blood test next week.

Anyway my question is can anaemia affect fertility or the ability to maintain a pregnancy? I’m starting fertility treatment (SO & IUI) with my next cycle and I don’t want anything to jeopardise our chances, especially as the success rate is only 10% with this procedure.


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Hi Vickal. I must say many of our GP’s do look a bit young these days, but I suppose as long as they are suitably qualified, that’s all that matters. Different forms of anaemia can affect your fertility. However, this should only be temporary, so as soon as whatever form of anaemia is found and treated, all should return back to normal again. Your fertility is controlled by your hormones and general health all being “in sinc” with one another, so if any part is under par, then appropriate treatment should be recommended to get you back on course again. Obviously, having endometriosis can sometimes be responsible in causing anaemia, so you are right to get your “bloods” checked out. Hope all soon is well and is soon sorted. Diane


It takes ten years to train a GP until they are fully qualified with thier final exams, so don't worry too much if they just passed the exams, they've been working for years since they finished uni... But I agree, they do look young sometimes.


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