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When will it be our turn


I am sure everyone on here feels like that. We had our first failed IVF cycle 4 weeks ago, there were positives we have frozen embryos, but we are back to waiting, still haven’t got an appointment for a follow up, I’ve been told it’s likely to be September because they have a back log, which feels like an eternity away.

Everyone I know seems to have young kids or babies or be pregnant, I’m really struggling. My best friend is due in a few weeks, since she told me I’ve hardly seen her, she understands but I still feel bad. This weekend we have my nephews christening (husbands side) I’m dreading it, they have asked me to be god mother so have to go.

I find it really hard seeing my in laws with my nephew and his sister, it is always all about the kids as it should be, they are here grandchildren and they should spoil them. I just wish one day is my child they get to do it with. It breaks my heart 💔. I’m getting upset just writing this.


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Sorry for the rambling post, I just feel so emotional at the moment

Caza2009 in reply to kickingfish

Don't be so hard on yourself! You're allowed to feel upset and emotional! x

I'm sorry you're feeling so rubbish! I know it can be so hard when you see your friends and family having babies. We've just failed our first fresh round of IVF/ICSI and we've also got some frozen embies so that's good news. It's definitely frustrating that you now have to wait so long for a follow-up appointment. I would keep ringing to see if you're able to get a cancellation slot - I did that before we started out treatment and it was brought forward by a couple of months.

As hard and as heart breaking this journey can be, try to stay positive - I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Hopefully your FET will end in a BFP :-) x

kickingfish in reply to Caza2009

Thanks, sorry you’ve been through the same, it’s such a tough journey. just having the appointment would be a start, once we have that I will def ring and check for cancellations.

I hope all our journeys end with a BFP x

Let’s hope so :-)

And fingers crossed you manage to get seen before September xx

*hugs* that is a very long wait! I would keep pestering. Hope you get your FET soon xx

I know it feels like forever, and that’s only to see the doctor I will then probably have to wait to start the FET x

Yikes! We are due to start our first cycle of IVF in the next month, think will fall in 2-3 weeks starting injections.

It is a very log journey!!!

In the meantime look after yourself, maybe have a break away or do lots of things that you enjoy. X

Good luck!! Lots of positive thoughts for you. x


I feel your pain.

I was literally just in a taxi and the guy asked me my age and said why don't you have children!!!

Literally no escape ;)

You are not alone.

I believe it will happen for us - just this process is so painful.

Sorry you feel so crap today.

Sending you a big hug - I feel the same some days.


kickingfish in reply to Hidden

Thanks, sometimes you just have these days x

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