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Different emotions than what I thought!

I have always been a over emotional person and high hormone levels especially when due on, with this in mind I was dreading starting ivf and injections not knowing how I would feel and I have to say I actually feel really good!! I'm shocked at how good I feel!! Positive and happy about moving forward and enjoying this process so far!

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That's lovely to hear that you're coping so well def helping to inspiring me about ivf (I'm egg sharing waiting to be matched up) :) I just wanna wish you the very best with your treatment and hope it's successful X


I know what you mean.. I totally freaked out at the injection class and thought I would need to cancel the IVF as they was no way I would be able to inject myself.

Then after a few days I found myself weirdly enjoying it as it felt like I was doing something and had some control!

Best of luck to you for your treatment xx

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I also felt better once the treatment started and the injections weren't as bad as I thought either.

Good luck, I wish you every success.


Hi Hannah

I was exactly the same with my first IVF in the end I just had to feel the fear and get on with it and once I was in it I coped really well. Although I am still an emotional person not there's anything wrong with that :-) my IVF has definitely made me stronger and think about things differently for the better. Anyway good luck with your treatment. Try to get as much as rest as you can because it is very tiring. Keep us up to date. Tasha


Thank you all for your lovely replies!! Good luck to you all Hannah x


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