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Down Regulation... what to expect?

So I started my IVF treatment in October but as I have PCOS I was put on a short protocol, meaning I didn't have to down regulate.

Unfortunately due to OHSS my embryo transfer was put on hold and all our embryos were frozen until I had 2 bleeds. I have had these now and have booked on for my ET... as my cycles are irregular they want to do it with medication and I now have to down regulate.

I start the nasal sprays on Sunday, with Oestrogen tablets in 21 days, and I really don't know what to expect when it comes to how I will react to the medication. I had awful side effects from Gonal F injections so hoping the nasal spray won't be too bad.

Any info on what to expect would be greatly appreciated. Tia and a Happy New Year to you all xx

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I haven't used the nasal spray but I too had OHSS with the added complication of endometriosis. I found the frozen cycle a lot less invasive and my body coped a lot better. i don't think my body could have coped with many more injections so the tablets were a welcome relief. Good luck!


The nasal spray gave me headaches and mild hot flashes. Nothing too crazy.


Thank you for the replies. I start tomorrow, fingers crossed all goes ok!


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