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Councelling and bloods

Hi everyone,

We have our counselling session on 12th January and my genetic bloods for egg sharing. It's strange because I am so excited to be finally starting the ball rolling , but I'm so nervous about the counselling. I've never had counselling before and I've heard they ask you questions like "have you thought what you'll do if it doesn't work and you can't become a mum?" and to be honest the answer is no, because I haven't and won't even consider not being able to have a baby, is that wrong?

Has anyone had this counselling before? Any advice would be great.

Thank you

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I've had counselling before, some related to fertility issues some not.

My advice would be go to several sessions and then evaluate. I found it helpful to have time to think and talk about the issues. It was a bit difficult at first but it got much easier to talk about things over time.

Good luck with it all!


Hello I had councilling as we are having to use a sperm donor, I found the session a lot better than I expected. The lady just gave us information about how to deal with it and tell the child they have books which are really good and then she just answered any questions we had. She said there was no questions or agenda and there really wasn't.


I went quite recently for the first time and had a positive experience. I cried for a lot of the first session but it was very cathartic! I felt much stronger afterwards and my thought process has been clearer. She asked how I would feel if (worst case scenario) the treatment didn't work. I think it was more to gauge my emotional response to the question than for a proper reply. So, if your answer is that its too painful to consider I think that's ok and I suspect they'll have heard that answer before! x


Hi missav.

I done my counseling session prior screening blood tests in September.. As it's egg sharing like mine was the counsellor will talk through all of through the legal and social implications of egg sharing.. Potential child/ren born from your eggs will find out once they're 18(unless mum and dad tell the children when they're younger ) stuff like that gets discussed in fine detail..Basically it's informing you of things that could happen and they want you both to be aware and to be really sure that you have thought things through and you are happy to still proceed with all the info the counselor gives you .. Legally they have too,. Although it's your right to change your mind at any time.. Our counselor wanted to be 100% sure that we knew what we were doing before going ahead .. Our session was intense( hubby looked sleepy and yawned a bit -men you can't take em anywhere lol !!)and it took about an hour.. Hope this info helps and good luck xxxx


Hiya, I know you said they'd talk about all the legal implications etc but she barely said anything to be honest. I've spent a lot of time looking at this stuff online but I was expecting a little more if i'm honest. Are you still waiting for your match now? We've been told couples are waiting a max of 3 months at our clinic, have you been given a time scale? xx


Wow that does surprise me sorry to hear that hunni ...You could always contact your counsellor to go through it in more detail.. You can always pull out anytime if you're not comfortable with the whole thing it is your right..

I haven't heard from my clinic since dec.. And I haven't been given any time scale.. So we are just eating super healthy and gonna keep trying till we hear from our clinic :) Just a wait n see game oh joy lol!!

Hope you don't have to wait too long xxxx


Tbh i feel really comfortable and happy with our choice :-) yeah it does seem like a lot of waiting but I guess it'll all be worth it (hopefully lol) keep me posted! It's quite comforting to know someone who is sort of at the same stage as me. Wishing you all the best :-) xx


Hi Ladies, thank you for your responses btw. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. The counselling was not what I thought it would be, didn't really ask many probing questions but she did say she was happy that we'd discussed the process and our feelings etc together so all good I guess. Back on 20th feb for blood results! xx


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