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Advice for a friend

I have a very good friend who has recently had an early stage pregnancy miscarry and now following a positive pregnancy test she has started to bleed quite heavily. She’s in a state and doesn’t know what to do. I said that bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road but she has a lot of the symptoms of adenomyosis and is very worried now this seems to be happening for a second time.

When she saw her GP before/during the first miscarriage he was very dismissive and unhelpful.

Can anyone offer any advice? I don’t know what to suggest. Is it worth doing another pregnancy test?

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Hello. I would suggest she goes to a&e. I am having a miscarriage at the moment. And have been with the epac unit. But my gp have been good and reffered. But the epac nurse said if I had any bleeding and or pain go to a&e. So I would do that. The only way she will for sure. Plus get the help quickest. X


Sorry pressed send before I had finished. It may not be a bad thing that she is bleeding. But it needs to be looked into. I started bleeding but no one i spoke to about it wee concerend. It was only when I went for my six week scan that they realised a issue. So please don't igonore it. Fight to be Seen. Hope this helps. ️Xx


Thanks Piglet, I'll suggest a&e. Her GP just doesn't seem to get the emotional turmoil of not knowing what’s happening.

From reading your posts I know you must know how that feels. I wish I know what to say. I can’t imagine what you must be going through :-(


I defo know how that feels. It's awful. The epac unit spent a week testing me to know for sure what was happening. Concerned it was ectopic for a few days. So I dont want to worry you. But your friend really does need to be seen. I can't believe her gp does not seem to care. How awful. Lots of love to her and you. ️Xxx good luck. ️Xx


Sorry did it again. I'm having a awful time. I'm in quite a bit of pain. And bleeding is getting worse. But I know that as soon as that has stopped we can start to move forward. ️Xx


Her GP sounds awful. She went to see him about the first pregnancy because she was having pain and he just said that he had 'a hunch' that it had not formed properly and she should just 'let nature take its course'. She left a bit shocked not knowing what she was supposed to do. He didn't do or offer a blood test, scan or a referal.

I hope your pain eases and it doesn't last too long. I haven't been through anything like as bad as what your facing but one coping strategy I have when I'm feeling down is to plan a few things into the weeks ahead. Just a few things to take your mind off everything like a weekend away with hubby or a massage. Just a little treat to look forward to. I find a little escape can help me get my head together. Although you probably don't feel like doing much at all at the mo. xx


That is outrageous. I'm sorry but her gp should have sent her for further tests to see what was happening. That's disgusting. What if something was more wrong. Makes me mad. Especially if she had pain in the right place can mean it's an ectopic pregnancy. Which can cause serious issues if left. I really hope you can convince her to go to a&e this time. Please send her my love and let me know what happens. ️Xxxx

We are being treated to the cinema by a friend on saturday to see the last hobbit as we have done that for the last two years. trying to slowly get back to normal life. But not rushing anything I don't want to do. Xx

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I would add that she may want to change her GP. We found finding a GP that is supporting and understanding is so important during the journey. We changed our GP for this reason. x


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