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Stopping IVF mid cycle due to bleeding - can anyone help?

I've been on my second cycle of IVF. I had to stay on buselin for 7 weeks in total as my body didn't respond enough to it, after 5 weeks they found a little cyst so gave me pregnol to take too. I then started menopur on Tuesday but Tuesday night I started heavily bleeding. This has continued and yesterday the hospital said don't worry, today they've said that I've got to stop this cycle as it hadn't worked.

I'm devastated. I've been going through hell for the last 8 weeks, I've booked time off work for my collection and transfer. I don't know if I can face going through it again.

I have no idea why this has happened. I feel like such a failure, my body just doesn't seem to want me to be pregnant.

Has anyone else had this happen or could anyone offer some comforting words?

Thank you!!

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Hi veggiegal,

I'm really sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I haven't had the same experience but know how devastating failure of IVF feels and the frustration of not knowing why it went wrong.

It might be worth talking to the nurse at your clinic or Diane on the INUK support line.

Thinking of you and sending big hugs.



So sorry to hear your news, I know the feeling.of failed IVF you can't help.but beat yourself up, it's a rollacoaster of emotions, test of faith and strength but most.of all it socks cos no days after is the same.

mine was a negative and I felt as thought the whole world.had crashed against me, it's still fresh and I still don't understand why.....

Guess I Am trying to say try to keep positive it's probably your bodies way of saying not this time.

I know my words may not help but a great suggestion would be to write it down how you feel, get it all out ladies on here are great.

I hope it all works out for you.

Here if you need.

Take care xxxx

Massive hugs



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