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Book was right

HI everybody .. so glad to read possitive here ... makes so much difference. What I wanted to say I read book about IVF and theres something I am trying to do even when its hard .. DONT COMPARE your self to anybody else .. see all them stories here confirm that doesnt matter whats your AMH is what age you are if u drink coffee or eat tons of raspberries .. everyone of us is unique special and our bodies are different and what ever waiting for us at the end of journey is not in our hands .. its like lottery... thinking of all of you there strugling and hoping .. and asking for prayers and your thoughts coz need them myself a lot xx

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Hi Miroslava, just wanted to say I liked your post and it brought a tear to my eye (just about started me blubbering but that bit I'm putting down to mood swings with the injections"). Thoughts are with you, stay positive and keep us posted. Xx


That is very good advice. Fertility is an art as well as a science. You cannot compare one patient to another, there are too many variables and environmental factors as well as the mystery of it all. x


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