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No symptoms!! Is it over??


I am 4 days past my transfer and I have no symptoms!! No sore boobs, no cramps!! Nothing!! Sometimes I pause thinking something is happening but then I realize I am may be imagining it!!!

Does this mean it didn’t take?? I have been reading n a lot of people have cramps, twinges and boob pain and they have positive test.... I have nothing :(

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Nor do I and I think the same. But I have been told every one is different. Fingers crossed for you 🤞

Shil11 in reply to Emmaxxx

When was your transfer dear?? Thankyou!! Good luck to you as well

Hey i’m 10dp5dt and i’ve had no signs apart from a bit of backache.

My OTD is friday and i’m absoloutly dreading it!!

Shil11 in reply to Nickimidge

Ohh good to hear I am not the only one...good luck for you test!! Fingers crossed for you!!

Nickimidge in reply to Shil11

Thanks hun. Good luck to you too xxx

I had absolutely no symptoms, didn’t even feel like I had anything done but got bfp, not everyone has symptoms 🤞🏻 for your otd xx

Shil11 in reply to XxjustmexX

Congratulations!! I wish I get mine too!!

I had no symptoms at all apart from slightly sore boobs which I think is also down to all the drugs. Got my BFP last week

Shil11 in reply to WaywardGirl

Congratulations!! I hope that is the case for me too! I am so scared and just can’t wait

I had no symptoms at all in my 2ww and got a positive. It can defo still happen. Good luck xx

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