Over 40, please calm me down with success stories!

After 2 IFV failled, I completed IVF#3, 7 follicules collected, 5 mature, transfer day 3, 2 with 8 cells, 1 with 6 cells, all good grade. Today i recieved a call from lab, the remaining 2 could not make it to day 5 and CCS them as planned.

I need your nice stories with day 3 transfer. I am 41 YO. Today is day 2 after transfer.

Thanks for helping!


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  • Hi biatriz. Well, you certainly deserve some success after all that! I do get ladies over 40yrs of age who have successfully achieved pregnancy with just one or two 4 cell embryos transferred on Day 3. Not too sure how many you have left, but if they don’t get to blastocyst, I always believe they are better off back inside you. I really do hope that all does go well for you and your embryo(s) implant. Diane

  • Dear Diane, many thanks for your very encouraged Support!

    I am back home today after 2 weeks in Prague. I have to travel all the time as in my Country we dont have IVF clinics. The beta will be on 16th. I hope to post good News this time.


  • Hi Biatriz. You really have been through it. I'm 40 years old and had 2 5 day blastocysts implanted 2 weeks ago and due to do the pregnancy test tomorrow. Happily haven't had any adverse signs or symptoms so I'll hopefully have a good news story for you tomorrow xxx

  • Hi tjf7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am praying for you and pleaseeeee give us good News.



  • Hey Biatriz. It's good news got a BIG FAT POSITIVE this morning. So please don't give up hope. Xxxxxxxx

  • My Dear,

    Thanks a lot to bring us this great News! I am pretty sure that in 9 months your arms will hold this Little God´s Grace.

    Please keeps updated and take care!


  • Hi Friends,

    I hope you are doing well.

    tjf7 how are you?

    This is to update you that my test 14 days afetr ET is negative.

    Good luck for all in this battle.


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