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So it starts again

Been back on the gonal f since last Wednesday now and went for my first scan today was hoping since they started me on a higher dosage I might respond better. Having only got 5 eggs last time and a bfn. But it seems just as slow as last time. I'm already feeling bloated and aching and it seems likely I may have another 5 days of injections to go. Just feeling a little stressed and needed to vent! I do feel better now.

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Bless you Lhow81 - I'm also on my second go ( first cancelled due to response of only x1 follicle). They've put me on a long protocol this time and my period is already 9 days late- been injecting for 14days already and not even made it to my x2 per day.

I know it's disappointing when there's low response, but keep in there. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and keep me informed how you go- XXXX


Just looked that you were here 6 months ago too - keep strong XXXXXX


Thank you Jo. I hope it works out this time for you. I never did the down regulation injections because of a low hormone result. Xx


Yep- they out me on short first go and long this time around. Although they said, they thought short would be preferred ( my amh is 2.5).

I'm mentally preparing ourselves for DE programme and we're just considering how to raise funding. But have hope towards this round too.

Do keep in touch XXXXXXX


Good luck girls... This is my second round of ICSI and I also have a low AMH.. sprinkling baby dust your way xxx


Hi LHow81

I know exactly how you feel, I was so disheartened when at my 2nd scan, after taking Gonal F for 5 days, I was told that my body wasn't really responding. I think there must be something in the air at the moment as several ladies going to my clinic are responding extremely slowly.

Stick with it, I was doing Gonal F for 19 days and over the weekend everything going had a growth spurt! I went for my scan yesterday and I'm off for collection tomorrow.

I know it feels like it's taking forever, but keep your head high and take each day as it comes xx


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