Lost again

Sad news this morning.. Hpt pure white this morning again 9dp5dt and more brown blood with small clots.. really don't get it how 6 cell wee embryo got me pregnant last cycle when I was more stressed even if it didnt last and this time 2 great blastocysts just died inside me x I was really upset when we had 4 good looking embryos on day 2 and they decided for me that will push to Monday.. saying if they don't survive in lab they wouldn't survive in u.. but I just felt like... but if they survive in lab they will also survive in me... :( now I got no embryos left coz on day 5 other two were behind but two they put in we're great.. I was upset coz I thought they just couldnt be bothered doing transfer on Saturday.. now I regret saying that will trust them and push til day 5 .. I am lost and angry and no bit of hope left in me xxx after transfer I just didn't feel pupo and felt empty.. just knew It won't work.. sorry for sad story I really hoped I would of bn happy one this time.. lots of strength and better luck to everybody..

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  • Sorry for your loss, I am Feeling for you dear, sending you love support and strength. It's not your fault it's just nature working sometimes against us. Please take care of yourself.

  • Thank for your kind words .. this must be the worst feeling ever.. just can't stop asking questions if it was just nature who played with us again or if there could be something wrong with me quality of sperm or eggs. .. scared to go for another cycle thinking it will end up the same ..

  • It is so difficult and I understand, we had first IVF and got pregnant then just under a week later started to bleed and I knew something wasn't right and was confirmed embryos had stopped growing, I had a miscarriage and still bleed for weeks after then found out also had an ectopic, had to have an operation and felt lost after that, had a 2nd round months later and 2 embryos put in they said looked good and did a test came back not pregnant, me and my husband felt the same way as we did before empty, sad, didn't know what to say or do. We are going to have another round and all I can say to you is don't give up, it is an unexplainable thing which makes it harder to understand. You are not alone and we are hoping that one day it will be our turn to have our miracle/miracles and hopefully that will be the same for you.

    Kelly x

  • Thank you so much for your reply.. it's just too fresh and confusion is huge.. so many questions and emotions and feeling like getting mad.. we don't know what to do now if we should try run some tests on me to see if everything is really 100 percent good with me as reason why we go thru this is my partners failed vasectomy reversal and we thought there was nothing wrong with me x so maybe try gp if they can do some more investigation and then don't know if we should go all into number 3 with lots of positivity and excited or kinda realistic and be prepared that number 3 doesn't have to work x hope u will get your miracle soon lots of luck with your next cycle x

  • Hi miroslava . I only had one cycle funding by NHS . That was I match and we end up with BFN πŸ˜” After 3years of trying we was asking our self why what went wrong ? in my case the problem is me... Laparoscopy show that my both tubes r block . Then dye test confirmed that . Last year December I had operation to remove my right tube. They left me with left one which they open and repair. Great πŸ˜ƒ Doctor told us that we can get pregnant naturally but is gonna take time and in some cases happen ectopic pregnancy. Well we went thru that IVF. Since that I read a lots I done lots research I ask and ask questions .... Now I know more then I ever new before.... U se Miroslava if doctor from a begining offered us option...saying it cost few hundred pounds but becouse my hubby is good and "he is not worry about me"...im good to try IUI .... If that was the case we would mind to go thru ....and if will not work we will get option IVF. I know one thing that even if they do few tests they still didn't done enaf to help us by ... doing more and more tests.... Think Hun

  • So sorry 😘

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