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New to network :-) hello

Hello All -

A little bit about myself : - we've been TTC for just over 5 years and started our investigations 2.5 years ago.

After being given incorrect blood results (my GP's receptionist told me everything was normal, and no further investigations were needed), it was only 7 months later during routine smear test that the practise nurse advised me that my bloods weren't normal, and I should've been referred to the hospital.

Unfortunately by this point I was 36 and my local health trust only offers IVF for those 35years and under. Following a subsequest move to a different county, to have funding rules change during our move, and then another move again, we finally found ourselves in an area that would treat women under 40 one cycle of IVF.

Following further investigations (neither of the previous x2 healthcare authorities investigated my health other than blood tests) I've since undergone a small operation and been diagnosed with fibroids, blocked tubes, low ovarian reserve and had a hard cyst (thank goodness it was benign) removed from ovary.

We started x1 cycle of IVF in Sept 2014, but I was a poor responder (only x1 follicle) - I was devasted!!! I've been doing all the advice you could possibly imagine for years - DHEA (not overused as it can be dangerous) / daily avocadoes / Bcomplex / D1 / folic acid / bee propalis / royal jelly / maca root / omega 3/6/9 / castor oil packs / exercise 30mins a day / acupuncture ..... the list continues to only discover my cycle, which we'd waited years for had to be cancelled and I may not be a candidate for IVF..... After a few weeks break, and learning it's quite common to have a dominant follicle, I started again last week. This time on a long protocol, with different drugs. I remain positive, but realistic.

I hope to offer support and find inspiration to and from others as we continue our journey. And am so pleased I found this site as I've only recently found the strength to share my journey and open up.

I turned 39 Sept 2014 so I feel this is a last chance saloon for my husband and I. (I only found Mr Perfect 6years ago)

The hospital I am with do not offer egg donor programmes, we feel this will be our next step if IVF doesnt work for us - but we'll wait and see.......

I must add, my hospital is brilliant as are all the staff.

As I said, despite the journey, I remain positive and hopeful. Sending love and luck to all XXXXXXX

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Aww so sorry to hear you're having such a tough time.. Know how you feel.. I was misdiagnosised too.. Told it was unexplained.. Long story cut short.. It wasn't unexplained.. Both of us had slight issues.. Hubby's sperm 83% abnormal.. I've got a small left ovary( I'm only 32).. Low amh for my age.. And recently discovered I had high tsh too.. Was 3.9 since taking thyroxine it's down to 1.56.. Over 2.5 can affect implantation of embryo transfer.. I'm hoping to egg sharing ivf soon.. Ready to go..hubby gotta do his screening blood tests this Monday..I was told to hold off until my tsh was ok..

Regarding your amh they will probably put you on a higher dose.. Don't worry..easier said than done I know.. I hear of older and younger women with low amh and still get a BFP.. It only takes one. :) It is a very personal thing to talk about.. I found this site a great support.. It's lovely talking to others who understand wot you're going through.. Without the patronizing.. Relax n it will happen..advice friends and family give.. ! Meaning well of course.. I can't think there's anything else you czn do.. Sounds like you're doing everything you can.. I hope your cycle goes well..

Need to talk to someone can Pm me.. Otherwise I wish you all the very best of luck with it all..



I'll really keep my fingers crossed for the egg sharing programme - can I ask where that is happening at? I'm already planning what our next steps might need to be, and don't know anything about egg sharing programmes. I'm actually looking into IVF spain at the moment - havent made the actual telephone call yet, but done a lot of online research and it all looks very very positive.

Good luck with bloods on Monday too. Fingers crossed you're all good to go and ready to step back onto the roller coaster!!!

I'll defo keep in touch, if I may. You know what its like - good days, bad days etc. Told my hubby about this site, he was pleased I've found it too. Sending you lots of luck XXXXXX


Aww thank you hunni.. It's a great site.. Don't feel so alone..and give my poor hubby's ears a break lol..!

I'm egg sharing at lister in Chelsea.. They've been really wonderful and through.. Learned more about our infertility in the last 2 months being there..than 2 years of investigations run by the nhs..! I guess there limited and cannot run every test.. It's a big relief to know why we've been struggling to conceive :)

Am more than happy to answer any questions you have on the whole egg sharing..

Yes it's great to have lots of options available to you and explore them all :)

Would love to keep in touch.. Keep me posted with all your updates.. And if you need to talk hunni.. Good days .. N bad days.. We all need someone support us through these hard times.. Will def keep you posted with our progress..

Good luck I really hope you everything goes well :)



Hi there, I'm the same age as you and have been trying to conceive for 4 years! I failed my first ivf but thankfully got a positive after a frozen cycle. I'm now 6 weeks pregnant and over the moon. Good luck with your journey and keep us posted xx


thank you Mai5ie for your kind words, and huge congratulations too!!! That's such amazing news!!! Thank you for letting me know your age too, as you know its such a roller coaster and the tick tock isnt getting any quieter!!!! I'll keep you posted and you must too - after all, positive outcome is what we're all here for XXXXXXXX


HI how horrendous for all that to have happened -they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. I was refused at our local NHS hospital due to a low AMH. We went private (didn't risk the DHEA). had the highest dose on the short protocol,. Everything went better than we would have ever dreamt.. 7 eggs, 5 fertilised and went to blastocyst.. I am now 10 weeks pregnant. Good luck and remember even when the odds are against you miracles do happen..


Just realised that you replied.. I don't actually get notifications as its not on my email. If you want to send me a personal message, anything I can do to help and support you.. it really helped to talk to people who had gone through it


Wow Nellynel - thank you for your words of support, but more importantly HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! What fantastic news!!! you are inspiring many and thank you for still being on the site!!!!

PLease do keep us posted of your progress, I love a happy ending!!!! Lots of love, your low AMH friend XXXX


hi thank you and your low AMH friend made me laugh.. keep me posted how you are and any questions/fears you want to voice.. I don't really get notifications but if you send me a personal message I definantly get those if you need anything - good luck


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