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Hardly any bleeding first period after IVF- anyone had this?

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I had a failed cycle of IVF and started bleeding on 9 September. My period then was fairly heavy and painful. Now I should be due another period and felt like it was coming a couple of days ago. Then I had some light spotting for a few days and absolutely no pain. It all seems to have gone now. Is this normal? I never normally miss periods at all. I am also very regular and usually have 26-28 day cycles.This is weird for me. Is it because of the IVF or could it be because I developed a pelvic infection after it ( I got antibiotics and that has cleared up now)?

I normally have bad skin before my periods, but my skin has been amazingly clear since I had the stim injections even though that was weeks ago. I don't know what is going on...

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This happened to me too, it just takes a while to get back to normal. Try not to worry!

hi lovely. firstly sorry for your failed Ivf. I know exactly how hard it is and upsetting. so take care of yourself. and I had exactly the same as you with one of my failed icsi. really heavy afterwards then barely anything next month. so don't worry sweetie. I did tell my clinic as I was worried. but they said it can happen and not to worry. but check with yours if you like. lots of love and hugs. xx

Omg!! This whats happening to me, i had a failed cycle of ivf in aug, so i had my period on the 5th of september, and my period was due last friday and im still waiting.... normally i come so precious, 28th day on dot!!! Does any one how long will ot take to my periods to be normal???

This is totally normal, and will be due to all the drugs we injected during IVF. My periods took around 3 months to get back to my regular 28 day cycle.

Thanks everyone for your reassurance. I will mention it when I eventually get a clinic appointment, but that won't be until November. Right now the lack of period is the least of my worries anyway. Just saw my colorectal surgeon and he is banging on about me having surgery to remove my rectum soon because of the problems I had during IVF with rectal pain and pelvic infection I just can't face this with IVF and everything else going on. I was OK until I got on the bus to leave the hospital and it went past the maternity unit. I just burst into tears on the bus. Must have looked a right idiot.

Oooooo I just posted on here then read this x I failed ivf in aug had a pretty norm period now I'm still waiting to come on x was due on on Sunday! Was hoping I could be pregnant but after reading all this it seems normal so I highly doubt it

Apparently it is normal, but then you could just be late. Finally started my period properly this morning. It's heavy and painful :-(

I am in the same boat my period is much lighter and I am thinking could it be something else. I guess it is all the drugs etc.. I am sorry about your failed transfer. You are not alone and I am sending you love x

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Thank you for your kind words and wishing you all the best. I was surprised to read this reply as my post was 6 years ago. I am happy to tell you my son was born a year after this post and I just welcomed a new nephew into the world last week. Either way, time is a healer. Much love x

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That’s amazing. I’m so glad that there is hope! Did you do anything different this time around ? Congratulations on your nephew x

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