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Good morning ladies, I have had my 1st scan this morning since starting my buserilin, as of today I am now also using menopur.

The nurse counted my follicles today 17 on one side 5 on the other. She seemed happy with it, 17 seems like a high number which I'm guessing is good? What did everybody else have, if you don't mind me asking. Freaking out a bit as I only have 5 on my left ovary.

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Hi Don't worry I didn't have as many on one ovary too but the other made up for it just like yours :-) I ended up with 23 eggs. Good luck xx


Thanks Sconfused07 that's made me feel so much better, smiling again :-)

Good Luck to you to hun :-) xx


Hi, I was the same had less on one ovary I think that's quite normal. Before treatment they said I had 9 follicles in total and that that was a low number, but then when I started stims more appeared and I ended up with17 eggs :-) xxx


Oh wow jenny34 what a difference :) I feel like im learning everyday with this forum. Xx good luck with everything xx


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