Follicles growing

Today is day 8 of stims.i had my second scan this morning and the follicles are doing great.4 good size on each side and more smaller ones growing.Doc is happy.i had a second acupuncture session as well.i should be going in for another scan tomorrow morning to check on growth so that egg collection can be scheduled.i must say im more at ease with this cycle.i am not as emotional as i was the last hoping we get good quality embryos and freeze some this time everyone going through this stay strong and positive .some days we get good news and some days we feel low its all part of the dust to everyone on this forum.chin up brave ladies and gentlemen.😊

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  • Great news Lawmom, sounds like things are progressing Well! You sound very positive which is fab, I really think it helps to have positive thoughts! Good luck!xx

  • Sounds like it won't be long now till EC, so glad your more relaxed this time round I can't wait to hear your updates xxxx

  • Ec on thursday .i trigger tonight.hoping for lots of eggs this time

  • Wooohooo how exciting Hun, you will have to let me know how you get on. Let's hope for lots of eggs xxx

  • Great news! And good luck for egg collection!x

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