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What's best pill to go on to prevent cyst, to help hormone pain?

Need some advice.... What the best pill to go but that prevents cyst on ovary????

I have had one ovary removed due to dermatiod cyst last year, and I have been told to possibly go on the pill or coil to help the pain.

I don't want the coil again cause I had that for years before I was rushed into hospital and had to have my ovary and tube removed due to cyst so I am unsure what pill would be best to go on...... Any advice would be great because I am seeing the doctor to discuss and I am not sure I trust what he says, cause it read that a few different pills can cause cyst.

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Hi Sarah2014. This is a difficult one to answer. If you don’t trust your GP then ask to be referred back to the consultant who treated you for the dermoid cyst. Maybe he/she will be able to advise you best. It will obviously depend upon whether you are trying to get pregnant or not as to what treatment will be prescribed. Good luck! Diane


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