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IUI with low frozen count?

Hi - quick question. We're still working to get referred to the next stage from our local Hospital Gynaecology Unit to our IVF Unit. (BMI too high/Hypothyroidism) At our last appointment our Consultant asked for a report on quality for my husband's stored frozen samples, as his last two fresh samples showed zero sperm. We've found out he has 7 samples to use, some of which are 11.7 mil and good motility etc. Is this too low to consider requesting IUI??

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I produced 14mil per ml at the ice bank, and this was too low for iui and standard ivf, you will probably need icsi, it has great results.

Any other questions feel free to ask ?



Hi Starlette. If you only have 7 precious samples of sperm frozen, then you would probably be best to go for IVF/ICSI. You need a lot of sperm for IUI and maybe many goes before it is successful. Going with IVF/ICSI, hopefully you would create some extra embryos for storage too. As “mrandmrs” says you would probably yield the best results. Fingers crossed with the BMI too, as they will probably insist on you reducing this before any treatment. Hopefully, your GP is keeping his/her eye on your thyroxin levels and you are receiving appropriate treatment for your hypothyroidism. I wish you well with whatever is decided. Diane


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