Help Missing Cetrotide Injection

Am really worried and wondered if anyone can help. I am on a day 14 of Fostimon injections and what should have been, I believe, day 10 of Cetrotide injections however we discovered yesterday that we do not any any more Cetrotide for tonight. As it is a weekend we have been calling the ACU emergency number but no one is getting back to us. I have scan tomorrow (Monday) at Unit but by not having a Cetrotide tonight could everything be ruined?

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  • Try ringing the nhs helpline Hun (111) Nurses on there might be able to help you xx

  • Great thanks I will give them a go x

  • Hi have you been following your treatment plan with the cetrotide ? If so then I wouldn't worry too much as the clinic should have given you enough medication to last your cycle they usually give you a little extra in case you have to stim or down reg a little longer. Luckily you have a scan tomorrow so fingers crossed. However if in fact they haven't given you enough meds you need to bring this up with them at is is not acceptable.

    Hopefully after your scan tomorrow you will be ready to trigger shot anyway as you have been stimming for 14 days. Good luck

  • Thanks for your response. Yes I have followed everything to the T and I brought my delivery note to them and they checked it and said it was fine but just haven't mentioned that I would be one short for Cetrotide so wasn't sure if this was right or not. I won't worry too much tonight and chat with them tomorrow. Thanks x

  • Yeah my hospital originally didn't prescribe me every item until I checked my calendar and queried it!

    Best of luck I'm sure it will be fine xxxx

  • Lucky you checked. Did you have cetrotide and if so how many days to you inject for?

  • No it was my menopur injections I was missing!

    You will be fine Hun xx let us know how the scan goes tomorrow xx

  • Thanks will do and keep us posted on you 2WW have everything crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Sarah will do xx

  • Well after a late night trip to A&E to get my Cetrotide (as doctor said it was vital I took it) went for scan today and all looking good. Egg retrieval is this Wednesday OMG so excited but so nervous!

  • Good with with weds, let us all know how you go

  • Hi Sarah what excuse did the clinic give you for nearly messing up your cycle by not giving you enough meds shocking. Pleased it has worked out and good luck for Weds x

  • No explanation at all just apologised and said sorry for causing me extra stress at what already is a stressful time :-( scary to think the whole thing would have been cancelled though

  • Oh brilliant. Glad you got it sorted. Let us know how your egg retrieval goes.

    All the best Hun xx

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