Starting to lose hope

Hi test day is Monday but this morning I woke up feeling unbelievably periody so I am starting to lose what little hope I had! I'm also plagued with guilt as last night was hanging some washing on radiator, turned round with the washing basket in front of me, walked straight in2 the sofa ramming the basket in my belly! Could I have done damage?

Feeling quite sorry for myself πŸ˜₯

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  • Aww don't give yourself a hard time, you won't have done anything some women who don't know they are pregnant go sky diving, drinking on nights out etc!!

    Feeling periody is one of those horrid things as it could be medication, pregnancy or af lurking, but don't give up hope yet you have come so far just keep believing πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

    Big hugs πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Thank u Hun, I've never got as far as 2ww so I have no idea what to expect and the one time I was pregnant naturally(& lost it) I didn't know so I don't remember what I felt like before I got the BFP x

  • 2ww is the worst part after all you go through then the wait messes with your mind. I just felt emotional, drained, fed up and tired on all mine and every little movement or pain you fear the worst. It's so hard but your almost there now xx

  • Thanks Hun, my friend taking me out later so hopefully a distraction,then the weekend so OH home although hes a bit useless on the emotional front x

  • When we get bfns we automatically blame ourselves. We shouldn't have done A,B or C. Was it because of when we did D? Maybe that was it? Maybe that's why it didn't work? Think about all the women who get pregnant and don't even know they are; the ones who keep drinking or are heavy lifting or smoking..... and go on to have healthy babies. My best friend came caving with me at 5 weeks. Crawling over rocks in some pretty tight little holes hundreds of feet underground on her belly. No problems with pregnancy or baby. What I'm trying to say is no matter what the outcome on Monday you did your best. No one can ask for more. Don't beat yourself up. I really hope you get your bfp. πŸ€ πŸ™πŸ» x

  • Thanks Hun, I hope I'm wrong but really feels over, I really needed this,I'm getting too old x

  • Don't give up hope mrs!! Stay positive and focused, you have came this far, could very well be pregnancy symptoms, keeping everything crossed for the weekend for youβ€πŸ’‹

  • Thanks Hun xxx

  • oh no, honey, don't lose hope! and try to clear your mind, negative thoughts must be forbidden for you now. I hope you are fine and not damaged after that. You need to take care of yourself and calm down. I know it's not easy to wait when you have no signs of a positive result but do your best, babe. My heart goes out for you and i'm looking forward to your Mon update!! xxx

  • Thank u xxx

  • Don't overthink things, thinking is is your worst enemy, to a fun task, download an addictive app...keep strong, weinow how hard this period is and we are all here for you πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’“πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ€

  • Ah thank u so much, trying to take it easy this morning xxx

  • I'm testing Monday too! Stay positive Hun till then. I know it's a roller coaster coz sometimes I'm really positive and then doubt hits. Just keep talking to those growing embies! Xxxx

  • Thanks Hun, just hope I'm wrong.started to get a bit of water discharge this morning (sorry for TMI) just like I do b4 period and the same tummy ache but I know the body can still mimic period symptoms with pregnancy so fingers crossed I'm wrong!! Like u said it's a weird thing as yesterday afternoon was the first time I started to feel positive and now to this!!

    How are u feeling? U getting excited? x

  • Hang on in there. I think we analyse every little twinge looking for signs and often pick out the ominous ones as that's our worst fear! Both of the girls that I had as my wonderful cycle buddies had period like cramps and one made it so there's defo still hope!! It's not over till its over! Sending you positive vibes and wishing you heaps of luck!!😚xxx

  • Thanks Hun, it's not cramps so much it's the dicky belly I normally get day b4 due on and watery discharge (sorry TMI!) that's bothering me. I know some people say theyve had exactly the same symptoms as period b4 a BFP so I spose there's still a chance x

  • I'm new to this and haven't experienced the IVF 2ww yet so not sure there is anything I can say to help, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and keeping everything crossed that those are just symptoms of the drugs and that you get a positive result on Monday. Be kind to yourself over the weekend and stay as positive as you can. Xx

    Ps I'm sure the washing basket won't have had any impact, as others have said people do far worse than that when they have no idea they are pregnant. X

  • Thank u for kind words x

  • The lady bits are quite a lot lower than the belly and you have a pelvic bone protecting them so don't worry about bashing the washing basket incident.

    Try to stay positive and take care over the next few days x feel free to remind me to do this as I get into the 2ww and will be anxious from EC onwards! Big hugs x

  • thanks hun, ok no worries i will remind you lol! good luck as you continue on xxx

  • Fingers and toes crossed for a positive outcome, you know that period like symptoms are often early pregnancy symptoms so don't lose hope yet. Take care of yourself and get as distracted as humanly possible xoxo

  • thank u Nesfin, really hope it is pregnancy symptoms instead.just been out for lovely lunch with friend - still feel periody but a lot calmer. gonna put my pjs on even tho its only 4pm and chill infront of a good film now x

  • Be strong gurl. You've come this far. It's been a long road for u but now I've to carry on. Believe in ur body and god.


  • thank u tiger-cub, appreciate your kind words x

  • Take is easy hon. Sit tight until Monday. You just can not predict what the outcome is until you have the test.

    Keep thinking positive.

    Rooting for you


  • thank u hun, your positivity always does me the world of good xxx

  • Remain positive and keep believing. Good Luck. xx

  • thank u xxx

  • It's a horrible time, we all think the worst when we are going through it. Look after yourself and fingers crossed for you. Apparently pregnancy symptoms are like having a period anyway so I believe x

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Thinking of you 72cloud9 .

    Try listening to some nice music or watching comedy to distract yourself . The mind will wonder for sure as its the mind, but keep bringing it back to happy and positive thoughts .

    Guilt of the basket bumping into your belly , you need to let go of.

    As many people have said, some people drink have alcohol drugs extreme sports while pregnant and still get a positive outcome.

    I know age is not on our side , but we hear of miracles every day .. keep the faith

    Will be thinking of you and hoping for a positive outcome



  • Thanks Hun, trying to have a chilled weekend.nothing I can do now except wait.luckily andy off this weekend so he can distract me!! Thank goodness also for all the lovely ladies on here who never fail to offer support. It's invaluable. X

    How are you getting on my dear? All moving in right direction and on schedule? X

  • Aw I felt like I was definitely coming on when we did our fresh cycle last year, to the point I even put a pad on as was expecting to start bleeding. We did get a BFP but sadly miscarried but I would t say it's over til you see a negative test babe, keep yourself busy until Monday xxxx

  • Thanks so much Hun, yep I'm wearing a pad but no appearance yet xxx

  • I hope all is well lovely, period feelings are common in 2ww please don't lose hope. Have everything crossed for you x x x

  • Thanks Hun x

  • Hope you feeling a little better xx

  • Bit calmer thanks Hun, still feel periody but nothing I can do till the test so just πŸ™πŸ» It's all good x

  • As they say what will be will be πŸ’•πŸ’•

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