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IVF injections start tomorrow

I start the injections tomorrow on the long protocol, I feel like I've been waiting so long for this and been counting down the days but now its nearly here I feel really nervous. My AMH test was 0.57, they've prepared me for the possibility of my one remaining ovary not responding due to the endo damage. My partner is so laid back about it (he has a son) although also now low sperm count so its ICSI, so scared now of the whole process and the outcome feel very lonely already.

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Hi I noticed your AMH level mine was the same and I was told I may not respond to the low level. in fact one NHS hospital refuses us treatment based on that level so we went private. You may see from my earlier post that I did respond, we got 7 eggs, 5 fertilised and they are taking them to blastocyst stage so my transfer is tomorrow. I was on the short protocol so injecting for less than 2 weeks but I started on a high dose - its was 450 menopur. Good luck.


Thanks for your reply good to hear you've responded well, gives me hope :-) hope all goes well from now x


Oh bless you hun I can understand some of how you feel. I have had grade 4 endo, had 2 laps the second removing majority of endo but damage already done. I also have very low AMH. I'm just starting private fertility treatment with the stimulation injections next week. So hard to be hopeful after so many knocks but without some hope it would be pointless going through it. I so hope it all works out for you. It used to so frustrate me when people would say it only takes one egg, but have finally tried to not let it bother me. I've found acupuncture helpful and have downloaded zita west Ivf relaxation on iTunes. Have majorly altered my diet over last year and gone gluten free as much as I can. Keep in touch with your progress. X


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