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Feeling Hopeful

I was at the clinic today after 3 weeks on Buserelin for my scan to check everything is happening as it should and it is, ovaries have stopped working and lining of my womb is thin so i am now starting my Menopur injections tomorrow. Just two weeks left until my egg collection and i finally feel like i am getting somewhere. I have waited years for this and for the first time i feel hopeful so i am keeping my fingers crossed and also for all you ladies.

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Hope all goes well x


and men


Good luck jillmooney, i have startrd menopur on tuesday night. After years of trying and months of repeating,finally i have come to this stage aswell! So keep fingers crossed so that all goes well!! What dosage of menopur u will b on? Im on 450 and tomorow i go for a scan n blood rests to see how i am responding to menopur


Hi Jill thats great :-)

are you on long protocol? Have you been taking metaformin tablets too?

Good luck xx


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