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About to restart a journey

Hi All

I have been looking for a way to talk to people who can truly understand how I feel and now I feel I have finally found it!

2 years ago, I had 2 laparoscopies which revealed that my tubes were totally blocked and my womb heavily scarred I was also diagnosed with chronic PID. A further operation to unblock my tubes was unsuccessful. My specialist advised that I would never conceive naturally and would need IVF to have any chance (I was 35 at the time). My partner at the time couldn't handle the news and we sadly split.. I went on to meet an amazing man (not all that long after but life is funny like that) and we instantly connected and a few months later (yes I know it wasn't long but we are still together!!) we approached my specialist to ask to go ahead with the IVF. This is when the bombshell was dropped that although I couldn't conceive naturally we could not have the IVF until we had been trying for 2 years...

So... I am now 37 and the 2 years will be up in November, we are still together and have just bought a home together. I have just been back to my GP who has referred me back to the same specialist. I am nervous, but excited and feel I have just taken my first step all over again.

Anyone in a similar situation or been through the same?

LL x

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Wow seems like you have been through a lot already Hun. The most annoying thing is I know you said you are now in a new relationship but if you had said you had been in that relationship for 2 years who's to know any different. I Only say this because you have obviously been going through the heartache as a whole now for a few years. Some of the NHS policies are so unfair. My partner has a child from a previous relationship so we couldn't get funded for IVF after going through all the tests and being told our fertility is unexplained. We went private. At least now November isn't so far away and you can see some light. Just look after yourself and your partner Hun as it is still a stressful and emotion ride but fingers crossed hopefully for a positive one. Sprinkling some baby dust your way. X


Thank you for your reply xx, it is so annoying the reason we couldn't pretend was because I had already had some treatment with my ex boyfriends sample so they knew :-(

I am keeping everything crossed and I hope I have some good news to share soon!!! xxx


hi that seems really unfair, I thought it you were over 35 you didn't have to wait 2 years.. I wish you all the best..


Hi that is crazy that they told you that you would have to wait another two years even tho you have blocked fallopian tubes!! But I was also told that you have to be with your partner for two years before you get reffered for Ivf. It says it in the papers which we got from the fertility clinic

I also have blocked fallopian tubes. The thing is once you are referred for Ivf there is still the waiting list until you start treatment which can take over 1 year depending where in the UK you live. Its at 12 month just now up here in Scotland.

I really hope that your treatment will start soon :-)

All the best xx


Wow I didn't realise that, I can't cope with waiting another year :0( seems like forever away xx


I know it really does :-( but it depends where you are in the UK.

It has to do with how much funding they get. There are places in England where the wait is like 3 months. But then Glasgows waiting list (which is where I am) was 22 months and now went down to 12!! :-)

You should find this out when you go for your appointment or you can call the clinic, which is what I did.

But it really is a postcode lottery when it comes to IVF

I wish you lots of luck and that things progress quickly for you xx


Another hurdle but it will be worth it!

So pleased for you


Hi all! Good news! I had my doctors appointment on Monday and was referred back to hospital, had my appointment come through today for 11 September! How's that for fast?? Only problem is I am away on holiday then so I need to rearrange it. So happy things are moving!!

LL xx


What hospital are you with Lucy? We are having our first consultation 18 Sept at Newcastle Royal Victoria x


Hey there! Sorry for the delay, I wrote a reply but I think my phone ate it!

I live in the West Midlands so I am under the manor hospital and as and when we start I will be at the fertility centre based in Tamworth xxx


That's great u have been refferd briliant news xxx


I know I am feeling pretty excited! I am also 4 days late this month, did a test today but it was negative! I have been reading too many 'miracle baby' stories!! xxx


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