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Liverpool womens hospital?

Does anyone have any experience with Liverpool womens hospital? In particular - what are there waiting times? Do you need to have all your bloods repeated or can you take ones that you have from elsewhere with you?

At St Marys in Manchester they have a cut off point for treatment based on your AMH levels - does anyone know if Liverpool womens have a similar cut off point or if they even test AMH levels.

Any experience shared would be appreciated

Thank you

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Are you nhs or private? Don't think they have long waiting list at the moment. I think'm k for bloods it Dee pends on how old they are. I haven't had amh testing, just fsh. Hope that helps x


Hi ive had treatment at liverpool waiting time arnt long and I was told you dont need to repeat any blood tests if they are not older than 12 months so im sure you can bring results from mcr.. its a great hosp and staff are lovely.. good look .. if your not having icsi the total cost should be around £5, 015


Hi did you have your AMH tested? We were refused at St Marys in Manchester due to low AMH levels but I am pretty sure that Liverpool don't use AMH test..


No dont think I did have amh test just fsh.. its ahame they refused you.. im sure you will have better luck at liverpool. . R u nhs or private? X


how much do they charge if you are going private, plz let me know


We were entitled to one round of nhs funded icsi . For icsi including the highest cost of meds and all bloods I was quoted

£6, 025.. our financial situation has has changed and when we are ready we will look into egg sharing. .it only cost £870 for icsi in Manchester Stockport. If your not having icsi just ivf it should cost around £5, 015..


we were NHS. However we have gone private at Care but have just found out that we should have got the option to go to Liverpool (still on the NHS) we called today and they said they didn't test AMH just FSH like you said and that had to be less than 13. However on the website it said on a patients journey info leaflet that the blood tests that they use for the initial investigations include AMH so very confusing!!

Its really bad that our referring hospital didn't give us the choice and even when we were refused at St Marys no one said we have any other options but private if we wanted to continue


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