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Help. First appointment with the specialist today

Hi everyone,

We have our first appointment today with Dr Drakeley at the Liverpool Womens Hospital. I have met him before but under different circumstances.

Does anyone know what I should expect? Will he already know my background and medical history from my records? I am so scared of going I havent slept and feel sick!

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Good luck let us know how you get on x


Thank you xx


How did it go lejones93?

I assume that you have had the appointment already, but if this is the first after the referral from gp, then I would say expect them to schedule lots of tests, and to have to wait several months more yet before all is done and you have your next appointment to plan the path forward.

At least that is what my experience was! It has felt like an eternal waiting game, but I finally feel like I am getting somewhere.

I just read your previous posts - you have an interesting story!

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Yes I have already had the appointment it's very early days like you thought.

I already had my eggs tested last year and an examination under anaesthetic. They told me today although I have two wombs my fertility is great and I should be able to conceive. It's almost a year later and nothing so far. It's really frustrating as I'm sure you know!

I am going to start blood tests to see if I ovulate next week so fingers crossed. We have been booked another appointment in August feels like ages away!

How long have you been trying for?



Hi, I'm at the Hewitt centre also for my second round of icsi, they are fab at the clinic. They ask you your medical history at your appointment and you should have bloods taken, it's best to write down any questions or concerns you have and bring them with you. When's your appointment? Good luck x

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Hi! Wow so glad they are good. How long did it take for you to actually have the procedure done? I am booked in to have a blood test on Monday to see if I actually ovulate. They have said there should be no reason we can't conceive which is good and annoying at the same time. xx

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Hi, sorry for late reply. Erm on my first round we had bloods and hubby was tested for cystic fibrosis and that took around 10 weeks to come back, during that time I went to a fertility talk at the Hewitt centre, they gave us information about the procedure. After that I had a baseline scan and given a date for medication. Over all if I remember rightly it was a couple of months before we started the procedure. There isn't a waiting list it's just a case of getting all tests done etc. My second round was much quicker to start, bloods were repeated in may and I've started the medication today for 11 days, then having a baseline scan on the 18th July if all well then ill start stims for 10 days, then I go back for another scan if all well I can then take my last shot, which means I then have my eggs collected. So I'm hoping to have a positive test result the middle of august. Sorry for the long explanation lol. My consultant mentioned they tend to offer a the short protocol now which means no downregging. I hope all your bloods come back okay and you start the process soon. X


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