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Travel after removal of fallopian tubes

I have just received my date for my laparoscopic removal of the fallopian tubes for 5th August, so 2 weeks today!!

It is great that I have a date so soon, but typically I am booked to go to Paris on 13th August for a few days.

Can anyone who has had this op tell me how soon they were up and running? Do you think I would be ok to do this a week after the op?

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Hi, when I had this done I had one week off work, I don't think I could have gone back to work any sooner but I did and it was fine! So I would say def have a week to chill and you should be fine :-)

I actually didn't find this op to bad or to painful.



Thanks that's good to know. Any tips for before/after the op?


I had this done last year I wasn't as lucky as Hannah by the sounds of it. I was signed off for two weeks automatically and ended up with a further week off. Just thought it's be best to tell you another side. Hope it all goes well and I'm so glad things are moving forward for you xx


Just to relax and give your body a good week to recover! The worst part for me was the pain in the shoulder from the gas they fill you with rather than the actually operation! Good luck and hope all goes well xx


In the end I was pretty bad for 2 days, ended up staying in hospital overnight, then recovered really fast.. fine after a week except for a bit of bloating and soreness. My GP gave me a fit note saying 'no driving' for a further 2 weeks so that I can work from home and chill for a while :)


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