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Blood tests - when to have it done.

Nuffield Woking - anyone have feed back?

Should I have all the blood tests done before our first fertility appointment or wait for them to arrange it all at the first appointment.

Also has anyone had an experience with the Nuffield Woking Fertility Centre? Would love to hear about it. Happy to private message if possible. I have got Endometriosis and a very low AMH level.

Thank you in advance xxx

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I have low Amh also have u started treaemt I have reached top waitin list and have first appoitment next week xx


Hi Tinkerbell28.I can’t comment on the Nuffield Woking Fertility Centre, I’m afraid. However, often your GP can arrange all the basic hormone blood tests and semen analysis before you go, but do not worry as the clinic will soon get you investigated and decide on the best treatment option for you. Good luck with it all. Diane


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