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Anyone else had side effects with crinone gel?

I had my egg collection Wednesday and rested up. Understandably I've felt a little bloated and delicate (but not in pain). That night I started my crinone gel and since then the bloating hasn't subsided, I'm slightly constipated and weird discharge is appearing when I wipe.

Also... My boobs are huge and hurt!!!

I've tried to ring clinic but it's Friday afternoon and they've clearly gone home early!

I'm not in pain I'm just a little uncomfortable. Was just wondering if anyone else had had that.

Oh! The clinic called as I was typing. So the bloating is just a side effect of the procedure as follicles fill up again once drained. Constipation is separate! And the discharge is just the cream (or transportation method!) coking out-the drug itself absorbs quickly.

Phew... Even MORE fruit and fibre for me then!

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The crinone is pretty gross, but I liked it better than the cyclogest pessaries I had with other treatments! And yes, bloated after egg collection was normal for me as was hormonal boobs. At least they looked pretty even if they were sore!


Hi jsth1979. Oh dear, it’s not very nice! However, as the nurse at the clinic says, lots of the feelings of discomfort are due to activity still going on in the ovaries – plus the “yucky” gel. The progesterone you need will be absorbed within 20-30 minutes of application, just leaving the residue to leak out. Make sure you drink plenty of extra water, which should help with the constipation, and rest when you can. Hopefully, all will soon settle down again. I wish you well and I do hope this cycle is successful. Diane


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