Crinone Gel. Two more sleeps until Test Day :-)

Good Morning All


So only two more sleeps until test day. Yay .... Everything has been plane sailing up until last night. It appears that I have some brown/blood discharge which seems clumpy. Really sorry for ( TMI ). I am using Crinone Gel which I am aware that this can happen when using this gel. My husband and I are not giving up yet and are trying to stay as positive as possible but am just wondering if anyone has experienced this and ended up with a positive test . Hope all is well with everyone :-) xx

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  • I did but unfortunately it was negative. ย We are all different as long as it is brown then do not frown could be as simple as old blood or implantation bleed xx

  • Fingers crossed for you!

  • Hi wizzleandmolly. Thinking of you both as test day looms. ย Good luck! ย Diane

  • God luck for test day tomorrow. Thinking positive thoughts x

  • Good luck tomorrow xx

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