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any bad side effects?

Hi, I'm new to stimulation and I want you to share your experience with me.

Today is my 6th day of stimulation.The clinic told me to come for a scan.( Ukraine) I'm on Gonal injections plus Merional and vitamins. Did you have the same during your stimulation? I'm curious in your bad side effects because I had some. I feel pain, have some redness, bruising and irritation at the injection sites... how to deal with it?

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Hi, i used gonal f and certrodide. Short protocol so like 10 days of injections

Side effects: bloated, not hungry, extremely thirsty.. Mood swings. Sometimes the site after injections would be red and a bit bumpy for about 5-10mins.

I found alternative sites, so different side for each injection helped and swapping that over each day so one day gonal in the right and certrodide left then the next day gonal left certrodide right.

Drink lots of water and watched comedies. I kept busy and ate a low carb high prtein diet with lots of green veg. No caffeine.

Just had 6 eggs collected

Good luck everyone! Xx


Thanks dear, I'm grateful for your sharing.

I feel dizziness sometime, headache, thirsty as well and mood swings. I'm trying to busy myself and it's is impossible. I feel like I'm dying I'm so sensitive about my treatment. The one good thing is my ec on Thursday, hope it will be successful.

How do you deal with injections sites?


Bless you it's all pretty normal to expect I think Hun.

Keep drinking water weirdly that really helped me, when people said it I thought I am!! But I increased it a bit and it helped massively!

Injections sites I alternated them and just forgot about it once I'd done it as hard as it is.

Is really hard to try and forget for a while but keeping busy is the best thing I had a night out at the cinema which helped!

EC so close, fingers crossed what did they say at your scan? How many follicles? Stay positive that really is key! Let me know how you get on!! Best of luck, remember it's not about quantity it quality, it only takes one, out of my 6 eggs I have 4 fertilised and transfer is weds if they successfully continue to progress, fingers crossed for my 4 little fighters xx


They told I have good chances . The scan showed 16 follicles and they are growing.. yes, I know the doctor has already told me there is a chance of empty follicles and faults but I'm trying to be positive. 16 is a good number, hope they will collect a few good ones.

In 3 days will be my egg collection, I'm at my clinic, waiting for ec day.

I can't focus on other stuffs, I can't make myself busy and always feel the injection sites.


Wow good number so hopefully there will be a good few eggs at the least! I really hope you get a good quality and good amount!

Best of luck for egg collection!!


thanks, dear. Wish it would be the happiest day ever. My husband will come soon because we don't want to use frozen sperm.

I was wondering if an egg collection had painful feedbacks? As far as I understood I would be given an anesthesia and would go to sleep for approximately 20 or 30 minutes, am I right? What should be done next? I will wake up and go home?


Yes so procedure is not long at All 20 mins max depending on how many follicles, we had sedation soansleep but not a full general anaesthetic but sounds like some clinics are different.

You will bleed a little while after and need regular pain relief. The bleeding stopped 2 days after for me. I was bloated and uncomfortable for about 2-3 days, everyone is different tho. Best of luck, really hope and pray you get lots of eggs xx


Do they have some special requirements for entering the room? I was reading it is forbidden to use different scented lotions, hair products, make-up or perfume the day of the retrieval. Odors can be toxic to embryos so they are not allowed in the operating room. Have you been told this?


Yeah, no make up no perfume or any smelly scented things at day of retrieval. It's the same for transfer. On EC partner not allowed in but on retrival they are just same applies to them no smellys xx


well, thank you. but what will be after the retrieval? how long should I stay in clinic before leaving? or it will depend on my health state? I know some women feel a little dizziness, why is it so? the feedbacks of an anesthesia?


You wait have a drink and some snack then make sure you can pass urine okay, then they send you home when you are ready, dizziness I guess is related to the not drinking and eating before ..

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