My husband an i were referred to a gyneacologist in november 2012 had all relevent tests done on my part and he had his sperm tested which

Was low (due to having a vasectomy reversal 5+ years ago) our gynea said we were accepted for treatment so she referred us. We had waited 10months for a letter (which was ment to be our consultation) but the letter was a letter of refusal instead. Im at my wits end right now and have no idea where to go from here... hope this makes sense... can anyone help thanks

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  • I take it your husband has children then?

  • Has 3 older children from a previous marriage yes..

  • Most NHS trusts won't fund you if there are children from previous relationships. Check that this is the reason for your refusals if it is the only reason then you can still apply for IVF but self fund. Good luck.

  • Hi, really sorry to hear this. I was in a similar situation and was told the wrong info too - in Manchester I would have been entitled to NHS funded cycles in spite of my OH having children from previous relationship, but his vascetomy (which we had reversed privately) meant we were not entitled in the end. To cut a long story short this delayed us trying privately for about a year. I also feel I could have shared my eggs if we had started sooner, as I am 36 tomorrow. I did consider suing my GP - but decided not to,as I was about to embark on the IVF journey so felt I needed to just try to let it go. I am still angry about it though. xxx

  • Hi sky29. Just to add to jenny 34's response. I'm hoping that there is a clue to your age with your sign in details - ?29. If that is the case, you could try contacting clinics in order to do an egg sharing scheme as jenny34 mentions. This could greatly reduce costs or even cover them. Wishing you both well with whatever you do decide. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, hope that is helpful to sky29. Definitely look into egg sharing if you can. I would have done it if I could have done :-) xxx

  • I have never heard of egg sharing b4 so know nothing about it at all. But i will look into it thanks very much everyone. X

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