Good evening ladies, we were due to test yesterday morning (29/10) we tested the eve of 28th and yesterday morning, both negative :-( feel so deflated & useless. Of course I have stopped the pessaries, does anybody know how long until the lovely AF arrives? Going to wait now for a letter from the clinic for my follow up appt then I suppose we had better start thinking about using our frostie. :-)

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  • Hi sparkle. So sorry. Cons relate to how you feel. Had five failed cycles. it generally takes a day. Depends on how your body reacts to. Take care of yourself and do something nice. Lots of love. ️Xx

  • 5? I'm so sorry to hear that, Gosh you must be one strong lady & have a really strong relationship :-) will you be having another cycle?. I feel like I've lost the race before I even started! I keep thinking "AF hasn't arrived maybe I should test again" silly I know :-) shopping in Worcester Saturday that ought to cheer me up. Thank you :-) xx

  • Yes five. I do have a very strong relationship with hubby. :) and also a good support network. But have still had bad days. I am currently on another two week wait. You could test again. It could still be possible. But entirely up to you. Shopping will defo help. Good luck with what happen next. Lots of love. ️Xxx

  • I am wishing you the best of luck during this 2 week wait, will be thinking of you my lovely :-) shopping it is, take care xx

  • Thank you very much. :) have a fab day shopping. :) lots of love. ️Xx

  • Thank you my lovely, let me know how you get on & take care xx

  • Oh dear.... Poor you. I hope your bearing up. Time is a good healer. My love to you. Xxxxx

  • Aww thanks Belle, I'm okay yesterday was a bad day doing a little better today :-) hope everything's OK xx

  • Urgh- that sucks. I'm so sorry to hear ur news. I know how crappie it feels as my first round of ivf failed. It' just seems so unfair.

  • Sorry-I had written more but it disappeared! Basically i think I said-not too b too hard on urself for feeling sad -it's such a huge loss. As others also said -the heartache does ease with time thank goodness. Be kind to urself-do nice things that u couldn't do due to the ivf, eat crap food, drink wine, have a bath, have a sauna, sleep with ur partner for no reason....U get the idea! Lots and lots of love xxx

  • Bella79 that is exactly what I am going to do this weekend, all of the above :-) I was quite the gym addict before my ivf cycle so have already printed off my timetable. I will be ok :-) how long do you think would be the right amount of time to start my frozen cycle? Do they have a lower suceess rate?

  • So sorry I know how it feels I'm going through the same situation... feeling so down although it's been 2 days since I found out I do a retest b4 I stop med which will be tomorrow.... After getting the bfn news again I plan to go to a mall N have a good time hopefully it will b a change as I have been in house for the longest 2ww. Best of luck..

  • It's vile isn't it babe, feeling better today than I did yesterday so no doubt will feel better tomorrow than I do today :-) it'll get easier for us ;-) make sure you spoil yourself. Take care xx

  • Hi sparkle I am really sorry to hear that your cycle didn't work, i was really hoping for some good news from you :(. Your approach is very brave and positive, i am sure you must be looking forward towards your frozen cycle and fingers cross you woll get your positive. Take care yourself and wish you best of luck with your frozen cycle xxx

  • Hi babylonia :-) thank.you for your kind words. I have to keep thinking ahead I won't let that one cycle beat me :-) will keep you updated with all things to come but may give my body a couple of months. How are you feeling? Have you left for Scotland yet? Xx

  • Sparkle I am really happy that you are looking ahead and I would say that is a spirit :) I think you need couple of months rest until body recover and clean from all the medication and than you can give it a fresh start. So far I am feeling fine, however there are still no symptoms so sometimes I wonder I am pregnant or not so i am really looking forward to my scan on 10th. We will be going tonight to Scotland for the weekend so I have just packed the bags and to be honest in the last one month I haven't reach more far than the hospital so i am really looking forward to it :). Take care of yourself and I will be looking forward to your posts xxx

  • Oh have a fabulous time, you deserve it :-) just over a week till your scan that will fly by how exciting :-) take care & have fun xx

  • Glad ur feeling a little better. Yes-a gym session is always good for burning off some stress and getting the feel good hormones pumping! That is one of the many things I miss towards the end of ivf when I give it up as I find it really helps with anxiety etc! I was told I had to have 2 natural cycles after my failed ivf attempt before I could start my frozen cycle. So this bleed doesn't count from what I remember. Then u need to have 2 periods. But after I had the second period I started down regulating on day 21 of that cycle if that makes sense so it actually isn't that long. I know I felt like I needed a break anyway as I was physically and emotionally drained and broken! I actually just wanted to live like a normal person again! That would mean u would prob start again in January so least u can get Xmas out the way and try and enjoy it! I found the frozen cycle much less stressful on my body too and even tho iv been stressed I think it helps to have gone thru it before. So hopefully ur next cycle will b the one for u! I hope u continue to feel better and manage to get on with life so that ur ready and raring to go again in January!Xxx

  • Bella79 I'm glad you said January that's exactly what I was thinking. My follow up appointment came through yesterday for Thursday 13th nov so I will be mentioning it then. I am really looking forward to getting back to the gym it's like therapy lol :-) AF arrived yesterday very strange dark colour, I put it down to the meds, do you recall that? How are things going with you now, when is your scan date? Hope you are feeling well :-) have you told many people yet? Xx thank you for being so kind xx

  • Hi sparkle86. Sorry for not replying sooner. I hope things are getting a bit for easier for u. Ur follow up appointment came through quickly which is good!yes I remember my af was dark at first and then bright!it was v heavy and painful too but then mine normally are anyway!hopefully ur over the worst of it by now as it's not much fun! Unfortunately iv had a really light smear of blood this morn and im sooooo scared . I have pain too so I'm thinking its not good news

  • Ahh-I always have problems replying on here!it seems to delete half of what I type! I'd also said that I'm waiting for clinic to call back . Wish they would hurry as I'm getting more worried. Hope it goes away.Think I might put a post up and see if anyone has advice! Good luck with ur appointment next week. If u wanna chat or have any questions after I'm happy to help if I can! Xxx

  • I hope the clinic have got back to you now with good news, but what I'd say is that with all of those hormones around there are loads of different reasons for light bleeding and pain, so please try not to worry.

  • Thanks seeking peace. Clinic finally phoned back and said they weren't too concerned as it's brown and I should call back if it gets heavier or changes. Praying it stops! Xxx

  • Sorry for late reply busy bee at work today. Good news the clinic are not too concerned hun, I have read Lots of women have brown spotting early on. Yes my follow up appt came through real quick I'm glad. I feel a lot better, quite weird actually last week seems like a month ago :-) hope your ok, don't stress :-) xx

  • Am really glad ur feeling a lot better .u sound like u have a great attitude! I wil try and follow ur example! Chin up !

  • Thank you that means a lot. Got yoga tonight think that has helped :-) it's been great having ladies on here that have been through the same too xx

  • I like a bit of yoga too!

  • Aghhhh!where does my text keep disappearing to?! Had typed that I find it really helpful chatting to other people who know exactly what it is like to go through ivf. Wish I had found this site during my last round of ivf xxx

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