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Feeling violently sick with nausea 24 hours a day any tips?

Had my early scan on the 1st april and all is well yolk sac, correct size and strong heartbeat so all good there! Since sunday 30th march for 3 days I couldn't keep fluid or food down and kept being sick had to get hydrated at the hospital early wednesday morning with 2 x 1000ml drip bags and also got 2 x anti sickness injections, and was sent away with tablets. Managing to eat 1 piece of fruit and a cracker and about 500ml liquid now with the help of these tablets but feel terrible all the time. Iv'e lost about a stone in weight in just over a week too and feeling so weak finding it hard to even walk to the toilet getting dizzy and lightheaded when I get up too luckily I'm signed off work. Just feeling scared for the health of my baby anyone had similar symptoms and have any tips or advice for me? I will be 8 weeks tomorrow x

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Aww im really glad everything went well at your scan.. ive got mine tomoz.. terrible you got violent sickness my work collegue had the same problem ill ask her how she coped through it.. shes 15 weeks now x


Please go back to your doctor. I had one of the worst cases of hyperemesis my doctor had ever seen. This required me to stay in hospital for 7 months. The hormone levels kept rising which made the nausea worse. The longer I was pregnant the sicker I became. Anti nausea meds given intraveneously along with constant monitoring was the key. Early labor started due to the constant vomiting which required more medication. Staying ahead of the nausea is what makes it better. Not everyone is capable of doing that on their own. If this doesn't taper off by your 2nd trimester, it probably won't get better until you give birth. If your nausea is out of control, please go in to see your doctor or emergency/urgent care for fluids and medication. When I gave birth I had lost 35 pounds. My baby was healthy thanks to steroid treatment, but it took me a long time to recover. I weighed 79 pounds when I had my baby. He weighed almost six pounds. I was lucky to get excellent care, but it took specialists to give me that care. If you have a very severe case of hyperemisis you have to get help and accept it. For your health, please call your doctor right away.


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