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Have I overdone it?

I am 5 days past transfer for my 1 embryo which was put back in at 2 days. I have been walking over the last few days with my dog and gone into town once. Other times I have been relaxing in front of the TV. Today which is day 5 past transfer I went to a garden centre with my parents, ate in the nice restaurant and took it easy just slowly browsing, afterwards we nipped in the supermarket for about 20 mins and then in car back home. In the car I felt extreme tiredness, light headed and nauseous. This was at 4pm today and I'm still feeling a little nauseous now so I'm in bed now - is this just normal or have I overdone it today? I'm going to have some bed rest for a couple of days at my parents until my husband comes home on Friday. Appreciate your comments please ladies. Thanks xx

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Please don't worry - there are so many contradictions in advice over what you shouldn't or should do post transfer but my advice is do what feels right. Gentle exercise like walking is great for blood flow and fresh air and time with friends and family is great for the soul!

You've done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary, anything that makes the days go by is a good thing. May just be a coincidence that you're feeling a bit under the weather now so listen to your body and use the excuse to rest!

Good luck



Try not to worry,I kept busy for my two wks walking with friends, cinema out and about. I did sleep for ten hours but too felt nauseaous times. I blamed the pessaries as it is a lot of extra hormones. We got our positive mm test day, 14 days after transfer, which was at 3 days. I had bad morning sickness constantly from 7 weeks to 12 weeks tho luckily only sick a few times. Work was hard tho as I am a teacher so snacking and drinking was hard. We are 14 weeks now. Good luck and try to relax and not worry. I know people who carried on exercising in their 2ww and got a positive. Xx


Thank you for your replies, that helps me. I feel a lot better today but I am spending today in bed, I will get back out tomorrow for some fresh air. It's so difficult and I guess there are no right or wrongs. The 2ww seriously is the hardest part but I'm halfway through now.


Hi Julybabe. Just to add to the other ladies' comments - which are all good by the way, just make sure you continue to drink plenty of water during your wait, as your ovaries will take a while to settle down, and can add to the tiredness you feel. Remember, that you have been through several procedures, so you will undoubtedly feel tired. I wish you well for a successful outcome. Diane


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