Hi I'm wanting some advice on weather to bother my ivf clinic.? I'm being an egg donor and having ivf too. I was told the waiting time was

0-3 months from start to finish and I've been waiting 6 months and not even started meds. I'm getting fed up with chasing them. Everything is in place and ready to go but still herd nothing. They have even receive the recipients papers a week ago. I really want to catch this next period but only have 10 days to sort all meds out !!! Stress !!!

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  • Contact the clinic, better to call and ask then stress., but as papers were recieve a week ago, it lookss like everything is now in place to proceed. You will need to both be in sync for the cycle, so they are possibly working that and sorting drugs etc for both of you.

    good luck

  • Yes that's what I thought. How do they synchronize us? I've just had to cancel a paid for holiday as I didn't think it would take this long. And my work is telling me I need to take my first quater year annual leave but just don't know when. Yes I will call today to put my mind at rest. Thanks

  • i knw how it feels when everything is ready, but they are delaying. i was told waiting time was 6months ita over a a year. lucky i just started downreg from yesterday, so fngers crossed ler s see whats happens next

  • It's doesn't half drag and everything is on hold. I won't even go on nights out anymore :-( good luck with everything.

  • im really sorry that u cancelled ur paid holiday,just ring them and find out whats happening

  • Well I called the clinic and they said the nurses will call me back when they wasn't in theatre in the afternoon. I got no phone call. I'm not recommending nurture in Nottingham as they have lost my blood results and didn't ask me to go back straight away to get more I had to call them. And every time they say they will contact me they don't !! Feeling negative about the whole thing now !

  • Hey Stella, I had the same trouble with nurture in the beginning and they lost our results too! We switched to care and it has been the best experience we could have ever asked for. Everyone really does care ! Why don't you do the same ? Xx

  • I've already paid and found a match so don't think I can pay ?

  • Ah ok I'm Nhs as first round so it was different scenario. Well I hope it all starts to improve and you get started soon hun xxxx

  • They didn't call me back as they said they would but called the next day to tell me they hadn't looked at my notes so it's not too late to send out the prescription so got to wait another month and half. And so I plod on. Thanks ladies x

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