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Bleeding during 2WW

I know there can be lots of different causes for bleeding but I am really unsure what this is.

I had my 5 day blasto's transferred on Wednesday. I then had some pink bleeding - more than just spots but still nothing major - on Thursday. I had the same again yesterday but a bit heavier, and a little there when I wiped this morning.

I am wondering if it could be the pessaries causing it, or if it is period trying to push through?

Anyone had this and still got a BFP?

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Hi maccerpops. Sorry to hear about the bit of bleeding you have been experiencing. Yes, it could be down to the extra progesterone you are having. Sometimes, when your own progesterone kicks in, it is enough. However, you do need that extra support at the moment. It could possibly be that one of the embryos hasn't continued to develop - causing the small bleeds. However, keep up with the pessaries, in case this is what has happened, as you still have the other one to support. Hope all goes well for you. Diane



I think the good news you should take from this is that, in most cases that I'm aware of, you wouldn't usually bleed like a period until after your official test date. The drugs usually stop you from bleeding, for lots of ladies, until you've actually gone past the test date and stopped taking them.Your transfer was less than a week ago so i don't see how it could be a period.

More likely i think is that it could be implantation bleeding? With a blastocyst transfer, I think implantation happens within 1-3 days of the transfer, and its often pink coloured. There could also be some degree of irritation, either from the transfer procedure itself, or the pessaries too.

Whichever, I would certainly try to see it as a positive sign at this stage.... Good luck! Try to keep your brain active and find a balance between being active and resting, all of which will hopefully help time to pass a little quicker. I do feel for you, it feels like the longest 2 weeks in the world!!

Keep us updated



Thanks both, this wait really is torture. On Friday I felt really optimistic and felt like I was pregnant. Today I feel like my little embryos left me yesterday. I have no way of knowing, obviously, but feeling very hormonal & tearful today.


Please stay positive we all routing for you xx


It's well and truly over for me, unfortunately.


So sorry xx


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