Bleeding in 2ww

Hi ladies

Yesterday evening around 6pm I had a show of fresh blood, as you can imagine you cannot help but think the worst, I called 111 service & explained I'm 10 days post ET & they referred me to my local hospital. I got seen straight away, & was advised it's too early to test or scan, & dr believes this could be a mix of hormones & stress..... I've had no further fresh bleeding since, only slight amount of darker brown discharge..... has anyone experience had this kind of experience at this stage & still had a positive result? Test day is Wednesday. x

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  • I've read a lot of women who have has bleeding and still got BFP it could also be implantation bleeding. Try and rest up if you can x

  • This 2ww is torture, hope your feeling ok too? I was in total shock when I saw it & panicked but keeps coming & going xx

  • I know I really believe this is the worst bit! I'm doing okay thanks can feel the nerves taking over already 😬

    I bet you were it's so hard, is it still darker blood? It could just be from the pessaries to. You could always ring your clinic today for some re assurance as they'll be able to give you the best advice xx

  • Hi Gemz, I agree with E. Rest and test on you OTD. πŸ€β€οΈπŸ€žπŸ»

  • Thank you I've had a chilled out Sunday & keeping everything crossed for otd x

  • Hi... I had heavy red bleeding 8 days after transfer and thought I was out, I had red bright red blood like period not good.. I went home upset, tested early and got a positive.. So thought must be losing it.. I spent week with feet up taking it easy.. Bloods showed good results so it was an awful waiting game til first scan which showed all fine and bleed not near baby.. They monitored it and all ok.. I'm 30 weeks pregnant almost.. So shows we all different and bodies respond differently... After 2 miscarriages I was even more nervous.. On those times I had spotted just a small amount... My advice to really take it easy... I have everything crossed for you... Lots of love Jackie x

  • Thank u, mine keeps coming & going had some last night & now again tonight. I'm keeping everything crossed & thanks for sharing your story as it's given me hope x

  • It's so hard not to worry.. It's all consuming... I know.. But I have everything crossed for you... Take care xxx

  • Hi Gemz29 - how did you get on then with your test a few weeks ago? Hope it was positive xx

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