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12dpt 5dt, negative hpt, on 11th day brown spotting, scared to death!!

Hewllo alll

Silently reading all the post and exp shared by you all.. helped me alot. But now I am so scared that I am on 12dpt, got negative hpt and on 11dpt started with some spotting/bleeding (brown and lil bit red with some stringy clots) sorry for details . :( ..although when I am wiping off ..and no cramps like periods ..but am so scared right now my test day is due on 25th March and I dont know but feel like it will be negative .. It was my marg anniversary today and still could not give my husband a news which he would have loved to hear coz it was bfn on that silly stick ..

had anybody experience this before and got bfp? or I am out of the race :(

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Ihi I had brown spotting and still do from day 10 of transfer I got a beta of 398 on Friday so I high positive don't worry too much mine is also only when I wipe for a few times thought the day, sometimes it's red/brown. I did a test on day 12 and it was positive but yours might only be in bedding now so won't show any hcg yet try again in the next few days or wait till your beta on 25th not long to wait. Wish you all the luck in the world. Let me know how you get on. Hope this helps :)


Thanks for reply hun , really appreciate that .. your reply has given me strength to pass this day. For 2marrow, DH has taken off so that he can stay with me all day to pass the last 2ww day and then I'll be doing my final hpt test ..!! Do you know Haylec, clinic has given me a test kit to check at home if that comes out to be negative too,(as my hpt is all negative so far) will they do blood test to confirm or thats it?


My clinic do blood test to confirm not pregnancy tests do not really sure. Best pregnancy test to do is clear blue as that say pregnant or not pregnant. Hope you get the a positive result. Please let me know how you get on. :) glad I could help you. :) xx


Hi how did you get on? :)


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