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Had my laporoscopy yesterday had to stay overnight and now this is second night here. Had one tube removed. Other tube has adhesions stuck ?

The tubes they removed was described as a bag full of shoPpingg. A sack hanging that had a few twists, I expected to have them both out he said the other tube was opened up not very good not how they would have liked but the best they coulD,feel bit drugged up been in lot of pain. My temperature was really hot then my blood pressure was really low then blood tests show inflamation. Feeling sore Sick and drugged up dr has been round few times to give me antibiotic drips. Asked why hadn't removed my other tube an he said that the adhesions an scar tissue had stuck my tube to my ovary an To my bowel and peLvic wall. That my chances of pregnany very slim (not like it was much higher before lol) and my chance of eptopic pregnancy is high. So he said if I conceve now to call here asap to hav a scan as if its eptopic an they catch it erly than can give me injection to kill egg so I asked why they didn't just remove tube an he said they couldn't remove the adhesions as there are main blood vessels there or something,feeling really confused he is foreign no offense at all meant but don't think he can understand what I'm asking. Is adhesions like hyDrosalpinx. Sorry about the dodgy spellings feeling spaced out lol

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Sorry to hear you are in pain. Adhesions are when the tube is stuck to the surrounding tissues. So it sounds like it is stuck to some major blood vessels, as well as your ovary and bowel, which could be dangerous if removed as it could cause major bleeding or damage to the other organs. Hope you start to feel better x


Hi rosibuns I was told it was hydrosalpinx in both tubes so now I feel really confused, will my remaining tube with adhesions affect my chances,of ivf? , can adhesions never be removed? What are adhesions, I know I should have talked to surgeon but didn't really feel upto it and then it was her assistant who didn't understand my questions and answered them with different answers that didn't explain. I have a follow up with the surgeon in a few months so it's going to bug me I guess lol xx


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