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Sensitive pic in comments.

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2 year ago 10th March I found out we were pregnant, on the 13th March I was rushed into hospital with an eptopic, surgery to remove baby and my tube they also checked my other tube and said it was too damaged/blocked.

So I tested yesterday at 5dp5dt (mid morning) and today at 6dp5dt. I wasn’t feeling too hopeful about this round only because the other few rounds had failed. It had put a huge damper on wanting to try again. My husband wants too and I was like “there is not point it doesn’t work.” (We know it does I was just in a negative mindset.)

So we transferred last Wednesday our last small 2BB frozen embie. My progesterone was low. Just wasn’t feeling it. And now this ⬇️

I know still very early, but this is one step closer than we have ever got and now feeling more hopeful and that push I needed to try again if needs be. This is now Hopful rather than excited, got a long way to go still. 😍

I will say only using these cheap tests as I have 1 first response, 1 clear blue and the hospital one that I’m saving for Saturday and then Wednesday 10th OTD

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Oh wow, what a happy news in the early morning! And such an early test too! Makes me tempted to try too, I transferred Wednesday as well but am really trying to push myself to waiting for the weekend...

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Nik1988 in reply to Gueritarubia

I have more reliable tests for the weekend. But definitely need that confidence boost that it can work. The idea of a egg collection again stresses me out but seeing this makes me feel better about it if needs be.

Everything crossed for you. X

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Gueritarubia in reply to Nik1988

Thanks lovely, I can imagine! I won’t do another egg collection, this is our last transfer. So tempted to test as it’d really lift my mood if positive, but also want to protect myself if it’s negative as I’ll just feel more down despite knowing things can still turn around...

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Nik1988 in reply to Gueritarubia

I had the mindset not to expect a positive when I took it. Saying to myself it is still too early and it is really. Xx

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Gueritarubia in reply to Nik1988

It indeed is super early - wouldn’t have expected anything to show! Very happy for you

Forgot to ask: any symptoms?

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Nik1988 in reply to Gueritarubia

Not really, few twingers, no more tired than normal. Boobs sore when take my bra off they ache: but nothing out the ordinary.

I had loose stools which I put down to low progesterone but clinic said that’s not a thing or we would all have loose stools 1st 2 weeks of our cycle. Little constipated this morning which was a welcomed change. Xx

Congrats!! Great sign to show so early, hopefully just gets darker and darker!xx

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Nik1988 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you. Everything crossed it does although totally understand it’s very early days. X

Congratulations wishing you the best Xx

Congratulations xx

This is so lovely, congratulations xx

Great sign at such an early stage 😊 xx

Congrats! Xx

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