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What excuses do you make?!

Hey all,

So I'm back to work this week (teacher with 2 week half term). Am half way through treatment with scan Monday etc this week and EC maybe the 14th. Obviously dependant on scans. So I'll be missing a few hours over some days plus then I'll have EC and day after authorised off and then take a few days myself up to ET.

Anyway, what I am asking is what excuse can I give people who don't know my situation? What have any of you said before?

I am hardly ever off and it's a small school so it is noticeable if I'm not there. I have told certain people who need to know but others I don't want them to.

So, any ideas?!

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I'm a teacher in a small school too and my dates collided with going back to school after the Easter holidays. I thought I'd be able to have all treatments done over the official holidays but Mother Nature did not like that plan!

I didn't want everyone knowing either so obviously I told my headmaster what was going on and my TA but to everyone else I made up an excuse of a chest infection. I hated lying but you can self certify for a week and I found it much less emotionally draining keeping it to myself. I know it's not easy but you may have to tell a little white lie or two. Good luck xxx


Hi Hun. Yea I will have to lie I know. Husband said to say tests for thyroid and then yea maybe chest infection or something.

It is difficult when always there and then not as as we know people talk but not worried about that just want an excuse ready! X


I'm a teacher too and luckily mine was over the summer holidays. I had told a few closer work friends but actually wish I hadn't it's awful when it fails having to tell people so yeah a few white lies are probably better to protect you. Or just let them assume you're ill.


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Hey Hun thanks.

Yea I know. I've told some people too but I don't think I could of done this without certain people knowing.

Lying sounds good! X


Hi there. I have endometriosis and thyroid issues as the likely root cause of my infertility and I tend to mention these if I don't want to mention IVF specifically. By linking it with women's issues it stops people asking too many questions, especially from men lol. I never fail to be surprised at how persistent some people can be to get all the details from you about your particular illness but just remember it's your right to say as much or as little as you like. Your time off is entirely justified and what you are going through is bad enough on its own to have to worry about that side.

Best of luck xx

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Yea that's true. The men do hate all that stuff thanks! X


I'm saying gynae issues to anyone at my work etc., people tend not to question too much about this!


Having dental work and I'm afraid of needles so they're having to sedate me which means I'll be off for 24-48 hours! 🙈


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