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Using clearblue digital,,,,,

Don't know if anyone have use the clearblue digital ovulation testing kit and get the same experience as me,,,, been testing for four days now which is suppose to be my ovulation time since my last period and keep getting the same (flashing smiley face ) which according to the info means High fertility, I would think that I should be seeing the PEAK fertility face by now ,,,,

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Hi anncor,

I haven't actually used the test as of yet as I'm waiting for my cycle to even out but I do believe that there is about a week window where you are fertile, and usually its a few days before your peak day. So you could possible have as peak day tomorrow or the day after. My advice is don't just try to conceive on your fertile days, this can put alot of pressure and you and your partner, try throughout the month casually then maybe up the anti to about once every two days if possible but always stay comfortable and dont push because ita your most fertile days. Also note that sperm can last in the womb for up to a week.

On the other hand if you're not trying and you're trying to see if you ovulate then I would say if you dont get a peak soon within the next few days then go to your go and explain what you've been doing and your results and he should help from there.

Good luck either way,

Leya x


Thanks very helpful info


I agree. I tried ovulation tests for several months. Better to just try every other day throughout your cycle. This is what my doctors recommended too. Every day is too often because your partners sperm needs a bit of time to regenerate.


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