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Clear blue flashy smiley face



I am currently testing ovulation for natural FET. I am testing twice a day, and got a flashy smiley face yesterday morning, last night and this morning! Usually I get a full smiley face on the evening/morning after a splashy face, but the flashing seems to be going on forever! How long have people experienced a flashy smiley face for?

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I've never ovulated so I wouldn't know ! Lol. But from what I've read I think a period of 24 hours is normal

Check again tonight /tmrw morning

If still flashing then refer to the instructions

I’ve only used the cheap strips I’d get a faint line one day then positive the day after then faint or none the next and that’s the day I ovulate.

Some months I have more flashing smily days than others.

I gave up with them as I found them annoying & switched to clearblue digital either ⭕️ no Lh surge or 🙂 for Lh surge & they worked better for me.

Good luck hope you see a solid smiling face soon 🙂🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻❤️ xoxo

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Thanks. I am worried I’m going to get the solid smiley face too soon and not be able to have transfer this month, the only day the clinic is closed is Christmas Day, so I need to not have to go on that day, otherwise it’s postponed until next month!

That flashing smiley face drove me crazy for a couple of months as I never managed to get a solid one. Seems I wasn’t ovulating!

Anyway the advice I got was to not give up testing until 9days of flashing smiley faces.

Hope the timing works out for you. I’m rearranging my Christmas so I can be in the right place for a day 21 blood test on Christmas Eve to see if Clomid has managed to get me ovulating.

Good luck for you FET xxx

That’s why I test twice a day, clinic said once a day but the first month I tested I missed the full smiley face! So now I test twice a day and clinic just have to deal with it!

Good luck to you too x

Oh I remember this so well with the testing and being excited to get a flashing face. For me I got around 3 days of still face and then only 12hours or so of flashing as realised I ovulate very quickly. I hear it can be 12-24 hrs so I learnt it best to in my case tell the clinic very quickly and have the scan ready for transfer. I am the same too though when I have got my flashing face and I test again maybe the next day I will be back to no face 😔 so think what u experiencing maybe quite normal. Am learning that is for me anyway. Sure ur clinic will help too. Best wishes with ur FET xx

Sorry I meant the other way round by way got 3 days of flashing then the still face for a very short time. Usually mid day I found so would test more when started flashing as knew be close. Then no face after which was when I knew it was over. Sorry was getting my faces mixed up🤦‍♀️

Lol. I am the same at the minute, I am on my 3rd day of flashy face, which doesn’t usually happen! Usually I get flashy and 12 hours later full. The universe is obviously having a laugh at my expense as I am desperate to avoid a Christmas Day transfer, which will mean no transfer this cycle and have to wait for next!

Oh bless you. Fingers crossed for u it will happen soon. I remember doing it well. I could Get very obsessive over what face I had and when I would get another 😁. As said all can do it test a bit more maybe mid day or early eve as this when I would also get me still face for some reason. Hope you are able to do it this cycle 🤞🤞🤞 best wishes you. I’ll be starting again in jan😬x

Thanks. Good luck for January

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