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Hi all

I had IVF in August 2012 however due to developing OHSS my embryo transfer was cancelled. I am now waiting for my next period to arrive and I start my FET cycle finally!

I am unfortunate because I have to take Buserelin 12 hourly all over again but at least there are less scans and trips to the hospital. Sounds all straight forward but I will be a nervous wreck on theday of transfer! Its amazing when you read of success stories and how you dont feel it can happen to you but it can so I'm calling it 50/50.

I have got 6 frozen embryos and one of them was a grade 5a so I cant wait for them to see how this one grows once its thawed - Fingers crossed! Anyone in the same situation right now?

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Hi I am in exactly the same situation as you! I have 7 Blastocysts in the freezer and my period is actually due today. When it starts I will ring up the clinic and hopefully schedule me in for transfer, all my embryos are very good quality and im having a double Blastocyst transfer. I am doing a natural frozen cycle without the drugs as I ovulate every month regular.


Its quite daunting isnt it! With 7 though theres got to be a high chance of one of those transfers resulting in a pregnancy. Keep me updated x


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