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I have a reading of 171.9 of E2 on day 5 of ivf short protocol, can someone help me interpret?


I am on 150 ivf-M and 150 gonal f, 33 years old, and this is my 2nd ivf. (1st one March, 2012, result BFN). During my first scan last friday, there was some fluid seen in the uterus. asked the dr. why I had fluid, was told that it was still the menses completing. my endometrium was 3mm. Any one to shade more like on my case? I am praying hard that come 2014, I will celebrate Christmas with my babies( hoping for twins). I just want to be positive all the way.

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Hi I don't mean to sound negative but have you had your fallopian tubes checked for a hydrosalpinx because if you have one of theses it can leak into the uterus and cause implantation falier, a hydrosalpinx is fluid in the fallopian tube that leaks in to to uterus sometimes and it can be toxic to embryos.

Hi Danielledavison, I actually had laparascopy in 2011 and was told that my tubes were blocked and can never conceive naturally. Hence jumped on the the wagon for ivf. is it too late to to check my follopian tubes to rule out that aspect perhaps after aspiration ? I was believing my dr. knows it all but thankfully I stumbled on this group...I am so grateful that am a member...thank you so much for your advise.

Please please get you fallopian tubes checked as I have tubal issues and that is why I am having IVF, I had one removed and the other one is blocked/damaged, but I was sensible to ask my fertility clinic to check for a hydrosalpinx and luckily for me there was no evidence of one so they said I did not need to consider surgery before I had IVF. All you have to do is ask your fertility doctor to to a transvaginal ultrasound scan and if you have fluid in your tubes it will show up. There is no point in attempting IVF treatment with fluid in the fallopian tubes because the fluid may harm the embryos.

Thank you so much Danielledavison!!! I will keep you posted and all the best for your ivf natural cycle in January.

Thanks Lubuto :)

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