HCG levels back - reading 2800 at 5 weeks + 1

I got my HcG levels back today and over the 4 days they had increased from 416 to just over 2800! I spoke to a different GP this morning who was rubbish. I asked if these levels were good and she replied saying "to be honest I don't really know how to read them, but they have increased so that must be good" no exactly the response I expected ha. I did ask to speak to another GP but she said I'd have to call tomorrow. I still don't know if this is good or not? x x x

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  • Hi, did you speak to your gp this morning?xx

  • Hi Pammi912,

    Yes I spoke to him this morning, he said on Friday he was worried, however, looking at the blood results from Monday he was a lot more positive! I've had more bloods taken again today and phone for the results tomorrow afternoon. He's looking for HCG levels >4000 and if they are he said it's highly unlikely it's another ectopic and will be looking more like a normal pregnancy. Keeping everything crossed and I'll update you tomorrow with results.... Could this be the best christmas present ever?! X x x

  • Hi that's great , I'm sure everything will be normal, got everything crossed for you aswell. Good luck Looking only for good news tomorrow :-) xx

  • Thank you! It would be amazing after over 5 years of trying! X

  • Hi Pammi912,

    Just got off the phone to the doctor, things looking really positive, my bloods have more than doubled in 48 hours and are now reading over 5000!!! X

  • Wow that is such wonderful news, I am so pleased for you, will they be doing a scan next? Xx

  • They have said I don't need anymore bloods done and I have a scan on 24th dec, Christmas Eve. If all goes well it will be the best present ever x

  • I know how u feel, my bfp was my birthday present, and my scan next week will be my Christmas present. Xx

    Let me know how U get on .

  • I'll make sure I do! You too, let me know how your scan goes :-) x

  • Hi, Had my scan today, it was amazing, she gave me about 10 pictures, and although Im only 6 weeks and 3 days, the baby measured 9mm which she said was equivalent to 7 weeks 1 day.. so relieved cant put it into words. Got another scan in 2 1/2 weeks and have got my first appointment with the midwife on 30/12. Xx

    ps Looking forward to your news on Monday.

  • Oh I'm so pleased for you! I was going to message you after work :-) I bet it was amazing!!!! You'll have to try and post a picture. I bet you can't wait till your next scan, the baby will have grown loads in that short period x x x

  • Hi, just wanted to wish you all the best for your scan today.xxz

  • Hi pammi912, my scan is tomorrow but thank you :-) just been to the dr as had cramping and bleeding since last night :-( still keeping everything crossed for tomorrow though x

  • Hey, me too, I have had lots of cramping, but no bleeding but then I have been taking cyclogest, which is really horrible, but I spoke to my nurse and she told me it is normal to have some bleeding. Xx

    Ps got everything crossed and looking for good news

  • Thank you! My scan is at 10:20 in the morning so I'll be sure to let you know how I get on x

  • Hi Pammi912 hope your well? Just got back from having our scan I felt sick with nervous however, there was no need everything was fine! We could see the heart beat it was amazing we could help but cry! They said I'm approx 6weeks + 2 x x z

  • Hi, gosh I am so relieved, I was so scared to read your message but congratulations xx

  • Hi, hadn't heard from you for a while and just wondered how things were going. You must be due for another scan soon.

    Take care


  • Hi Pammi912,

    I'm really good thank you, it's lovely to hear from you! How have you been? Have you had your next scan? We got out 12 week scan through the other day - 4th feb were so excited! It doesn't seem real as Ive not really had any symptoms other then really tender breasts and extremely tired all the time ha have you been feeling ok x

  • Well I have been feeling awful, not really able to keep anything down, but I'm hoping when I stop taking the cyclogest tablets I'll feel a lot better. I had a nine week scan a couple of weeks ago, and was amazing, heard the baby's heart beat, and could see it flapping its little arms and legs. Have got my 12 week scan next Wednesday, so looking forward to that but also feeling really scared as well. You are so lucky you don't have the sickness, I'm just lucky, I can go to sleep at work, otherwise I'd be dead. Keep in touch. Xx

  • Hey good luck for your scan today. xx

  • Hi Pammi912,

    We're just sat here now, everything is perfect I'm just over 13 weeks! Baby was a little bugga ha took 35 her her to get what she needed and it wouldn't keep still ha ha we're sooooo happy we never thought this day would ever come!!!! How are you? X

  • Will do, it feels like a countdown, normally time flies for me as work is normally so busy, but the last few weeks have felt like a lifetime. :-) xx

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